How to Make Basic Photo Edits

Vanilla ice cream has a bad rap. Some say it’s boring, but we know better. PicMonkey’s Basic Edits menu is sometimes brushed off as being, well, vanilla. In reality, basic photo edits are often all it takes to propel your images from just-okay to eyeball-poppingly awesome.

Here’s a taste of what Basic Edits has to offer:

  • Crop lets you crop a photo and includes important preset sizes including Facebook Timeline and common print dimensions.

  • Rotate lets you mirror your image, straighten or rotate it.

  • Exposure makes adjustments with the quick and reliable Auto adjust button or with snazzy fine grain controls.

And there’s lots more.

However deep you go with Basic Edits, your photo’s bound to be better with a little love from that menu. This video tutorial will show you all all the ways to make it work for you.

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