Master Text Effects with 3 Tricks

PicMonkey’s text tool is awesome-possum. It allows you to make any adjustments you need to achieve whatever typography design you’re going for. Whether you’re starting with a  text and image combination or a blank white canvas, you have endless font options to choose from.

Text effects

Adding text effects is a great way to make your text POP. Here’s how to do it:

1. Pick a look from Effects in the Text palette (Drop Shadow, Knockout, Inner Shadow).

2. Adjust the color of your shadow.

3. Play around with the sliders until you are haaaaappy!

If you’re looking for some a more detailed guide, check out these posts:

Text masking

Making an image come through your text looks so cool, and is actually so easy to do! These are the very quick steps:

1. Pick an image or texture you want to fill in your text.

2. Open a blank canvas and make it white.

3. Add text.

4. Open your image by uploading Your Own graphic.

5. Set the Blend mode to Add or Lighten.

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Font pairing

Fonts are a beautiful thing. And they become even more beautiful when you pair up two different styles. Ever heard the saying “opposites attract”? Well it’s true, they DO! Especially when it comes to fonts. If you start off with a bold, tall, or large font, try pairing something like cursive or a subtle font to go with it.

Aaand for more pairing guidance, take a look at these:

Happy pairing!

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