Make A+ Graduation Announcements in Minutes

’Tis the season for graduation celebrations, which means it’s time to put the books away and throw your square cap in the air like you just don’t care. We’ve got plenty of ideas (and designer-crafted templates) to help you make gorgeous graduation announcements and party invites with lightening-quick speed. Take a gander, and let’s get this party started!

The good ’ole photo/info combo

Make these looks your own with our Awaiting the Future and Photo Layers templates.

Put the grad of honor front-and-center (and if it’s a high schooler you’re celebrating, make use of those senior pictures you have lying around) with a photo-centric announcement. Pick your favorite template, swap in a pic of that smarty pants, and the who/when/where deets, and call it done.

Make these looks your own with our Classy Halfie and Type Contrast templates.

You can also give that template an extreme makeover in minutes by changing up the colors, fonts, and graphics. For step-by-step template customization instructions, see our intro video.

Tip: The eyedropper tool makes color coordination a cinch. Use it to make your text and graphics instantly match any color in your photo or design.

Top-tier typography

Make these looks your own with our All the Smart Words and That Year Tho templates.

Not feelin’ the photo idea? Then put the spotlight on your need-to-know info with some stylish typography. If you’re not into the font on your chosen template, swap it with one from our font library or use any font on your computer with our tools.

Grand graphics

Make these looks your own with our Spec-tacular and Classy Grad templates.

Hey graphics gurus, we haven’t forgotten you. Check out our graduation announcement and party invite templates that feature everything from stunner shades to squiggly lines.

Get your squiggles on with our Found the Right Path template.

Not seeing the graphic of your dreams? Head to the Graphics tab and tweak any of our other templates to your liking.

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