2016 Photography Gift Guide for Photo Fans, Photogs, and Bloggers

Ho-ho-hold-onto-your-hats, folks! The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to start remembering the names of your nieces and nephews. Or, if you’re slightly more organized than we are: it’s time to start thinking gifts.

This year, we’re hailing the smartphone as a photo-lover’s secret weapon, and suggesting presents to amplify its power. We also give shout outs to the citizen blogger, the dedicated aesthete, and the children—they’re our future.


… Which this reporter keeps mistyping as Smuckerpops.

In a world of photography increasingly dominated by mobile devices, your phone does double duty as your camera. So don’t drop it! Ingeniously simple in their design, SmockBobbles are little doohickeys that suction onto your phone for easy gripping.

Get your slippery-fingered friends their very own ShockPoppet on their website! Though they’re highly customizable (we at PicMonkey designed one with our logo on it), you can also opt for a ready-made design. Also, they’ve got a pretty sweet collaboration with YouTube’s lolarious Jenna Marbles.


Is Foldio the world’s cutest, bittiest pop-up photo studio? Maybe not officially—although if there is an official ranking system for adorable portable photo studios, sign us up. However, it’s pretty darn cute and bitty.


The holiday gift that’ll have them saying, “Oh! One of these!” Amble down memory lane in vintage style with the RetroViewer.

Sticker-ful iPhone case

Honorable mention: Skinny Dip London.

You may have noticed this about us from the scattering of subtle hints we’ve left along the way, but we loooooooove seeing people express themselves. Love it like Madonna loves it.

Enter these loud, proud phone covers! The sassy accessories are perfect for the nasty women and shutterbug teens in your life.

Instax camera case and accessories kit

We’re big proponents of the Instax Mini 8, but what if you already gave that to somebody last year? Time to branch out with some stylish accessories.

Although this folder’s got plenty to commend it, we’re most enthralled with the camera cases. From galaxy print to paint spatter to polka dots, there’s a shade or pattern to satisfy any artiste.

Phoneographer’s magic wand

We owe Photojojo a debt of gratitude. Not just for bringing this shutter remote to our attention, but for making us aware of the amazing portmanteau “phoneographer.”

With You Lockets

You know those antique lockets with someone’s photograph inside? With You Lockets takes that cherished aesthetic and brings it into the digital age. On their website, you can upload your own photo to a locket of your choice.

Suggestion: Old-time-ify a photo with our Daguerreotype effect, then upload it to place in a vintage-inspired locket.


Turn your smartphone into an instant camera with this nifty little photo printer. It comes in cool gray or funky aqua.

Anything from Click and Blossom

Click and Blossom is an online specialty shop for photographers, designers, Instagrammers, and aficionados of visuals. Their mugs, wall prints, and tote bags sport a hand-drawn sensibility that’s tons of fun.

Camera lens stainless steel travel mug

“Oh God, don’t pour coffee in there!!!”

Joke’s on you, concerned bystanders: this lens-looking device is actually a cleverly camouflaged mug. Whether the photo fan in your life craves coffee, tea, or something stronger (we mean, of course, chocolate milk), this mug will serve up a dose of creative inspiration.

Dog selfie phone attachment

Via the aptly named “This Is Why I’m Broke,” we offer for your approval: the best selfie accessory ever.

We at PicMonkey have had semi-good luck getting dogs to pose for selfies with strategically held treats or inescapable hugs, and we’re delighted to see technology step up to make the pet pic process smoother. Who needs jet packs when they make these babies?

Lego camera for kids (and kids-at-heart)

If we have to convince you that you need a Lego camera, you probably don’t need a Lego camera. But on the other hand, everyone needs a Lego camera.

Annie Leibovitz at Work

Annie Leibovitz is one of the world’s great photographers, so you can’t go wrong with giving someone her book. Even if your giftee doesn’t like photography as much as you think they do, come on, it’s Annie Leibovitz!

Bloom Theory’s beautiful camera straps

Who knew camera straps could be a fashion statement? The innovative folks at Bloom Theory, that’s who. These pioneering accessory-smiths have created a whole line of decorative camera straps, from scarves to wrist straps.

A PicMonkey membership

Ummmm, obvi? Buy a PicMonkey subscription for your friends, buy one for your family (or maybe one for each MEMBER of your family).

Turn inspiration into action. Join now, and treat yourself to the PicMonkey creative toolkit.
Elisa Chavez

Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.