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How to Use Smart Resize

Smart Resize is a time-saving feature for Pro subscribers that helps you take a single design and instantly create multiple sizes fit for other channels.

Example: You have an Instagram post design (as above) that you made in PicMonkey and you'd like to replicate it, right-sized, to use on other social media channels and in other formats.

  1. With your design open in PicMonkey, click Smart Resize.

  2. Select the additional formats you'd like to create. Selecting multiple is okay.

  3. Click "Copy & Resize" when finished selecting.

  4. Choose to continue editing your original, or go to Hub to see all your resized images.

  5. Open a resized image from Hub and tweak the layers if you like -- reposition a photo, text, graphic, or change the color and so forth.

Learn more about Smart Resize: Using Smart Resize to Output Your Image to Multiple Sizes

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