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How to Use Smart Resize

Smart Resize is a time-saving feature for Pro subscribers that helps you take a single design and instantly create multiple sizes fit for other channels.

Example: You have an Instagram post design that you made in PicMonkey and you'd like to replicate it, right-sized, to use on other social media channels and in other formats.

  1. With your multi-layered design open in PicMonkey, click Smart Resize.

  2. Select the additional formats you'd like to create. Selecting multiple is okay.

  3. Click "Copy & Resize" when finished selecting.

  4. Choose to continue editing your original, or go to Hub to see all your resized images.

  5. Open a resized image from Hub and tweak the layers if you like -- reposition a photo, text, graphic, or change the color and so forth.

Learn more about Smart Resize: Using Smart Resize to Output Your Image to Multiple Sizes

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