Make Any Photo Festive with Winterland

The Winterland theme houses PicMonkey’s folder of wintry effects, fonts, graphics, and frames. They’re pretty hot items this time of year (figuratively of course, in real life we have to keep them stored at -86º). Let’s take a look.

Flaky, flurry, and graphic

Looks pretty complicated, right? If you’re wondering whether a team of mythical beings spent centuries conjuring ancient magic for this beauty, you’re close. Atop a December blue canvas, you’ve got one of our four Winterscapes frames (the flakes up top). “Let it” lets you know that with fonts like Great Vibes, you’ll never want for the perfect choice again. We straight up tricked you with “SNOW,” because it’s made up of a buncha little snowflake graphics. And that totally real-looking snow is our totally fake Snowfall effect (completely adjustable, d’uh). Let’s talk about that a lil bit more.

Fake it with Snowfall

The Snowfall effect brings anything from a bout of flurries to a bombass blizzard to your photos. Imagine always getting a white Christmas. Now stop imagining. It’s real. PicMonkey’s giving you infinite white Christmases. You’re welcome.

Storm (from X-Men) has the power to manipulate all forms of weather (we’re talking hurricanes, lightning bolts, and instant snowstorms), making her one of the most powerful X-Men of all time. You’re pretty much just like Storm now. Nature defies its own laws to bend to your will at the click of a button.

Graphic overload

It doesn’t always take a snowflake or candy cane to say “Winter’s here!” Here’s an example of a more subtle approach to the season of excessive merriment. Those silhouetted birds are from our Aviary folder. You can find the branches and berries (or without berries, if you’re allergic) in Springs & Twigs. If you look close, you can see that we duplicated the branches and turned ‘em white. Why? It looks cool, that’s why. A classy Texture of your choice gives anything an instant #artisanal look.

PS – Those Graphics come in any combination of colors, and are infinitely magnifiable. So mini and mega will both work magically.

Keep it balanced

Whatever floats your boat this holiday season, remember to stay balanced. Check out this holiday card as an example. Just two photos and a graphic, but visually it says a lot. The background stripes match the outline, the Snowfall effect in the girl photo matches the snow-covered puppy (don’t care if it’s an adult dog, they’re all puppies to us), and the purposeful placement of the snowflake graphics connect the puppy pic to the label. It’s simple, sentimental, and fun. All you need is a couple minutes and a little sense of exploration.

Frosty McSnow for Crafty McYou

Ahhh gift tags. The Lebowski rug of presents. They really tie the gift together, and frankly, are hella neglected. It’s time to step up your gift tag game, because they only take a couple minutes. We made these six in Collage, but your only limit is your printer. The backgrounds are part of the Winterland swatches in the collage. They’re perfect for crafty projects, especially when you use an Graphic as a label. And those totes adorbs snowpeople? You can either pick our pre-designed Frosty McSnow character, or make your own snowperson from our set of earmuffs, mittens, hats, and tons more costume pieces.

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