Wedding Graphics You Can’t Help But Love

Wanna whip up some whimsical save the dates or custom thank-you-for-the-new-blender cards? Rejoice, matrimonially minded PicMonkeyer—our brand new wedding graphics are ready to help you unleash your creativity and check things off your “I do” to-do list.

Seattle-based designer Esther Loopstra crafted this swoon-worthy folder, which features love birds, rings, veils, top hats, and oh-so-much more. You’ll find them all in the Graphics tab under Celebrate. Here’s a sampling to whet your design appetite:

Since new graphics get us as amped up as an early 2000s teenager on the way to an *NSYNC concert, we had to try them out. Here are a few creations from our designers, along with tips on how to get the look in PicMonkey.

Top(hat) o’ the morning to ya

Your friends won’t be able to decline being a part of your wedding party when you ask them with a smartly designed wedding card. And if they do, you should probably get better friends. For this look, we used our new top hat wedding graphic and a selection from Facial Hair, in the People Toppers category group.

Tip: To get the stone-like look of this background, start with a grey canvas. Head to the Textures tab and play with the selections in Smudge, then adjust the Saturation and Fade sliders to taste.

Ring in the fun

Sometimes all you need for a great save the date are some witty words and a ring graphic. Pick a nice canvas color and an easily readable, bold font, and you’re ready to announce your impending nuptials in style.

Tip: To make your words taller, hold the Shift key while you resize your text box. Don’t like it? Right-click and select Original aspect ratio.

Affinity for florals

This save the date keeps it nice, simple, and pretty with a beautified phrase and floral wreath from our new Wedding graphics. Finding the perfect companion text for this “Save the Date” graphic can be more difficult than finding a mate in real life, so check out our article on font pairing before you cruise the options in the Text tab.

Tip: Want even more leaves and flowers? Layer your laurels! Choose a few, then place them over each other to get a lush, full look.

Heart to heart

Mix a couple of heart graphics, a selection from Labels, and some good lookin’ fonts to create a guest book alternative that wedding attendees will actually want to sign. This design also makes a darling save the date.

Tip: To make your graphic match another color in your creation, click the color bar on the Graphic palette. Your cursor will transform into an eyedropper. Click the area you want to match the graphic color to, and presto! Color magic.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.