#Fave: PicMonkey Staff Mobile Photos Edition

#Fave: PicMonkey Staff Mobile Photos Edition
March 2, 2016 Elisa Chavez

Just who are the mysterious simians who keep the pics flowing and the party going at PicMonkey? What do they want? And are they doing anything Friday?

We sought to answer these and more questions through a rigorous internal investigation that brought us face to face with some of Team PicMonkey’s most mobile photos yet. Join us for a very special episode of user-made content!

Keep the faith

Mobile photo embettered by PicMonkey staff. Jesus take the wheel!

Patience is a virtue, especially when it’s the patience to wait for delicious cookies to hit room temperature. And virtue is hard, which is why we must sometimes ask a higher power to intervene. Stay strong!

Fault lines

Whose fault? Mobile photo embettered by PicMonkey staff.

What we love about this photo is that it’s pretty much the polar opposite of uber-glossy lifestyle blogging. We appreciate gloss, don’t get us wrong—but kids are unpredictable! They cry, they fight, and that’s all part of life. So thanks to Kelly for capturing this little slice of reality.

Better with Vedder

This mobile photo was enhanced by PicMonkey staff. Perfected by Eddie Vedder.

In a perfect combination of our ready-made stickers and our infinitely customizable text options, WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT EDDIE VEDDER? Nice hat!

Writ large

A mobile photo becomes poetry in motion with the addition of ... poetry.

Is it any surprise that this unexpected look comes from our Chief Technology Officer, Frits Habermann? Spotlighting one of our very favorite fonts, Barrio, as well as one of our very favorite words (prurient), and one of our new favorite photo-editing techniques: enhancing everyday visuals with a little poetry.

Open your eyes

A mobile photo color-popped by the daughter of a PicMonkey staffer.

When custom text and color pop get together, greatness happens! We can’t stop gazing at this ocular triumph.

Pro tip: Try using color popping with text to make your own customized messages. Can that picture of a rose turn into “I [Color-Popped Blossom] Gardening”? We think it can.

Reach for the stars

A mobile photo be-doodled, confetti'd, and drawn upon by the daughter of a PicMonkey staffer.

Our dearest hope for the PicMonkey app is that people use it to express themselves, experiment, and have a good time. So we really couldn’t be happier about this confetti-strewn piece, courtesy of Kelly’s daughter Avery.

Pet project

This mobile photo gains a titanic sense of humor thanks to one fearless PicMonkey staffer.

Did you know that dogs really can understand what we’re saying to them? It is, therefore, a proven science fact that dogs probably like “Titanic,” and may even have watched it more times than you.

To test whether this is true of your dog, simply say in an excited tone, “Who’s the king of the world? Is it you?”

Not bluffing

A mobile photo that highlights one PicMonkey staffer's bewilderment that "Stud Muffin" is a flavor of cereal.

Here on the U.S.S. PicMonkey, we encourage our team to speak their truth. And in Damon’s case, that truth in this moment was, “Why is this flavor of super cereal called Stud Muffin? Why?”

A truly excellent question.

Misty mornings

A mobile photo embettered by PicMonkey staff.

We love knowing what the rest of the team’s up to, even/especially when they’re traveling to spooky spots like this one. Props to Vanessa for darkening the borders of this snap to enhance its gloomy beauty.

Bark Trek: The Pup of Khan

A mobile photo that's been "CURSE YOUUUU KHAAAAAN"-ified by PicMonkey staff.

How much do we love Draw for mobile? So so much. Uncharted galaxies of much. If Star Trek’s not your thing, good news: Draw contains multitudes! Like a … nebula, or something, look, this metaphor is getting away from us. To learn more about using Draw, check out our tutorial.

Who icons the iconographer?

Mobile photos highlighting one PicMonkey staffer's Lego adventures.

In adorable news, one of our designers took a series of mobile snaps depicting the adventures of a superhero Lego version of his son.

Mobile photos highlighting one PicMonkey staffer's Lego adventures.

Mobile photos highlighting one PicMonkey staffer's Lego adventures.

This is pretty much the greatest idea ever, and we encourage all of you to try your own versions.

Traffic was a nightmare

Life gets a little more fanciful with the PicMonkey mobile app ...

At PicMonkey, we believe that sometimes in life you gotta make your own fun. Like when you’re stuck on a bus behind 12 other buses, and traffic is not only not moving at a snail’s pace, but you just saw an actual snail inch past you.

… Or maybe you just want to animate your daily commute with silly faces. Either of those is good.

MVP (Most Valuable Photographer)

Mobile photography MVP Rachel shows us all how it's done.

Rachel (seen earlier pining for cookies) is a member of PicMonkey’s support staff. That means she works tirelessly in the background to solve your problems, like a BFF who always lets you talk about the weird dream you had last night. However, Rachel also moonlights as a limitless supplier of cool ways to use the PicMonkey app.

Mobile photography MVP Rachel shows us all how it's done.

Mobile photography MVP Rachel shows us all how it's done.

See? We weren’t kidding. And there’s more where those came from.

This concludes our very special episode of the PicMonkeyer photo roundup! Today, we highlighted staff-made mobile pics and learned about the dangers of biking without a helmet.


Did we forget the helmet thing?

Ride safe: wear a helmet. And download the PicMonkey app!

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Elisa Chavez
Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.