#Fave: Shared Photos We LERV

If we talked about ourselves all the time, we can’t even tell you how bored we’d be. Fortunately, PicMonkeyers like you make excellent conversation starters. We hit up the ole interwebs for pictures that astounded us, inspired us, and made us laugh—and here’s our roundup.

1. Head(dress) Games

This stunning mirror image by @starladawnndl was made using Collage and a crackly texture. You can aspire to these gorgeous heights with our mirror tutorial.

2. All Greek to Us

Mirrored again: beautiful Santorini becomes a true work of art in the capable hands of @auralee_my.

3. Dog Days

Pet company Walk in the Bark unleashes the power of Collage to show off their paw-sitively delightful dog collars. (We’d make more pet puns, but we don’t want to end up in the doghouse.)

4. Surf’s Up

Fall is here, but this photo has us California dreaming of summer. We dig the selective saturation achieved with our Focal B&W feature.

5. Over the Rainbow

Instagram user @maria_dallas says that this groovy image took her two hours to perfect! Color us impressed.

6. Selfie-Expression

An already-awesome selfie achieves mythic status through the judicious use of Halsey lyrics:

I belong to no city. I belong to no man. I’m a hurricane ⚡

7. City Kid

Yeah, yeah, a picture’s worth a thousand words, but all we’ve got is: Whoa! We’d kind of like to make this image mandatory viewing for everybody who’s down on selfies—we think it’d make believers out of them.

8. Hip to Be Square

This colorful nod to Warhol was created by @monicasovik83. Nice work!

9. Urban Adventure

Restrained black and white lends a classic feeling to this street scene. Photographed in Little India in George Town, Malaysia, edited in PicMonkey, Instagrammed to the world—you gotta love technology.

10. Garden Party

Combining dainty flowers with an out-of-this-world texture makes these blossoms look like they belong in a fairy tale.

11. Barking Up the Right Tree

Dreamy, impossible, beautiful — @pk_designs did it all with this neat double exposure image.

12. Creepy Kiddo

We get shivers down our spines every time we look at Tobi Shahini’s one-frame haunted house. Those shadows! That composition! It’s adorable and spooky at the same time.

13. Hulk … Help?

Any image guest-starring the Incredible Hulk is a hoot in our book—but it’s the description, chock-full of charming and creative parenting advice, that makes this photo a real treat:

This was my mom’s idea to help control my daughter dumping all of her toys out at the same time. I labeled each toy basket with the day of the week, and she can only play with that basket on that day. We started this on Wednesday, and she loves it! It is helping her learn the days of the week, and she gets excited about figuring out which basket she can play with each day. And my husband is excited because he doesn’t have to walk across “The Battleground” anymore when he comes home from work.

14. Waiting for the Drop

Ending our list with a splash is this shot from MBE Photography.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve edited with PicMonkey? Link us to your gussied-up images and we just might feature them here.

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