New & Improved Exposure Tool

Our users are so creative, they often defy assumptions and use the tools in surprising, boundary-pushing ways. So we opened up the Exposure tool to allow for more customization because, hello, we think you should have as much creative freedom as possible. Go ahead and try it.

Before, the Highlights slider only went 0 – 100. You could only increase the highlights of your original image, making the white parts whiter. And the Shadows slider had the same 0 – 100 range, wherein increasing the shadows darkened the dark parts of your image.

Now, 0 is the midpoint of each slider, which means each slider has double the range. You can decrease (pull down) highlights, as well as increase the brightness of your shows (a.k.a. open up the shadows).

To reset your sliders settings, alls you gotta do is double click the slider label.

It’s not about why. It’s about why not.

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