New Customization Updates to Collage

Okay, phew! There have been sooo many recent updates to PicMonkey lately, and the Editor’s not the only one getting the love. We’ve made a couple tweaks and releases to the Collage maker. Here’s what they’re about:

Fill and fit photos to cells

We figured the Collage maker could use a bit more tailoring, so we added two new controls in the basic edit controls for collage cells: Fill cell and, right next to it, Fit to cell.

Hint: if you’re having trouble finding them, just hover over one of your cells and click the Edit button.

The Fill cell button expands your image until it takes up all of its cell, with no visible cell background. When you drop an image into a cell, the image will fill its cell by default. So if nothing’s happening when you click Fill cell, it’s because your cell’s already filled!

Fit to cell lets you see 100% of your image in the cell. When your image is set to Fit to cell, you’ll see the brand new cell background. Speaking of which…

Cell background colors

You can change cell background colors now! Just to go the Background tab (the painter’s palette icon) and click Cell instead of Background. Now you can make any cell any color, or transparent! This opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing your collage, because you can use your newfound cell background as a space for graphics, logos, or text.

Before, you could only change the background options for your entire collage at once, which was cool. It was okay. It was fine. But this! This is a victory for customization and convenience.

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