Make Summer Party Invitations for All of Your Shindigs

Summer is officially here! It’s time to come out of hibernation and rejoin the other humans for sunny backyard barbecues, poolside birthday soirees, and bachelor and bachelorette shenanigans. And what better way to assemble the masses than to send out an enticing, well-designed summer party invitation?

Our new graphics (a.k.a. graphics) capture the sense of fun and whimsy that comes with warmer weather, and they’re perfect for all of your summer invites. So perfect, in fact, that we’ve given them a starring role in more than a few of our brand new templates. Find the template of your dreams, plug in your own info, and get back to working on your tan. Or check out the Tiki Tropics, Under the Sea, and Palm Springs Party graphic sets in the Graphics tab of the Editor, and go the totally DIY route. It’s your party, and you’ll design how you want to. And when you’re ready to print your invites, visit the PicMonkey Print Shop.

Use a summer party invitation template

If you haven’t tried one of our designer-crafted templates yet, now is the perfect time. These little bits of design goodness make it ridiculously easy to get a profesh look in minutes, so you can get back to party planning or just relishing in the summer climes. Here are a few of our faves.

If your summer party is going to include leis, floral print shirts, or a pig roasted in the ground, the Luau Oh Wow! template—featuring a hula dancer graphic from our new Tiki Tropics graphic set—is a perfect fit for your tiki-licious theme.

Bring a bit of a beach vibe to your party invitations with the Palm Party template. Wanna add some palm fronds to your own designs? You’ll find a few variations in our new Palm Springs Party graphic set.

The Leafin’ Town template has a sophisticated summery look perfect for bachelorette getaway invites. Use the Layers palette to quickly change the colors of the individual palm fronds and put your own spin on this design.

Let your guests know to bring their swimsuits and fave flotation devices with the Pool Paradise template, featuring graphics from our Palm Springs Party graphic set.

It may be impossible to use the Under Sea template without singing that one song from “The Little Mermaid” (you know the one). Put it to use for your ocean-themed party invites. To quickly match the color of any graphic or text element in your design to another color, use the eyedropper. Boom! Instant color matching.

If you’re planning a kiddie birthday party with a sea creature or pirate theme this summer, the Octo-party template can help you entice attendees. Love the smiling octo—er, quadropus? He’s hanging out in our new Under The Sea graphic set, waiting to smack your designs with an extra dose of adorableness.

Make a completely customized party invite in minutes by adding your own pic to the Beach Bday template. When you open the template in the Editor, right click the image and choose your photo’s location from one of the Replace from … options. It’ll snap right into place on the template. To see the process in action, check out our article about right click tricks.

Transform a non-summer template

Maybe your heart belongs to a template from a different season (the layout of that holiday card, OMG!). You don’t have to wait a few months to put it to use. All of our templates are totally customizable, so if you’re still in love with the template you used for your New Year’s Eve party, or a certain wedding invite template keeps catching your eye, slap it with a dose of summer and send it out.

It’s easy to give any template a summer makeover with a seasonal graphic (remember those rad new ones we mentioned? We transformed our Cuppa Cheer holiday template into a summery party invite with a Tiki Tropics graphic, new background color, and change to the header font. To learn how to transform templates with lightning fast speed, see our short video tutorial.

Make a summer party invite from scratch

If you’re more of a do-it-all-yourselfer, you can also design your own totally custom invite from scratch. Start with a photo or blank canvas, add your when-and-where info, photos, and pepper in some fun with graphics (we used starry eyed shades from the Palm Springs Party graphic group for this design), and your DIY invite is ready to go.

Print your invitations today with a little help from the PicMonkey Print Shop.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.