#Fave: User Content Roundup at PicMonkey Corral

As ever, dear PicMonkeyers, nothing makes us giddier than trawling the various social media networks in search of creations tagged #picmonkey. And today, it is our happy task to corral said creations into another user-made roundup.

Tag along as we follow PicMonkey people through galaxies far, far away, the galaxies contained in books, soothing mood boards, and more.

1. Pretty in pastels

Slide into 2016 with a cuddly blend of warm affirmations and pale pastel tones. This cotton candy collagescape is making us think seriously about trying one of those five-year plans the kids keep talking about. How hard can it be?

2. Keep caffeinated and carry on

You know what goes great with a lengthy to-do list? Coffee.

This graphic, designed with PicMonkey’s indubitably expressive Happ-icons, is everything we love about you guys—it’s playful, clever, creative, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s also everything we love about coffee, which is: coffee.

3. Star Wars star power

Do yourself a favor and start following Haleema Nur on Instagram. Her feed mixes makeup, costume, photo editing, and video into an opulently imaginative viewing experience—the kind that we don’t feel in the least pretentious about calling “opulently imaginative.”

Like, are you seeing this double-exposed Star Wars homage? It’s the greatest. We’re all about it.

(Pro tip: To make your own double exposure with PicMonkey, watch our quick n’ easy video tutorial. To make your own space princess hair buns, you might have to ask Haleema.)

4. Things with wings

Here’s what Instagram user @craftivityevents has to say about this image:

@risingtidesociety is an organization that empowers creatives to thrive in an environment of collaboration over competition. As part of their #risingtidechallenge, we were asked to tell our audience 5 things about ourselves. Here are mine 1. I was born in Vietnam, and raised in Los Angeles 2. I am an early riser 3. I don’t consider myself an artist, just creative, as I believe we all are, and that’s the premise of my business 4. I studied abroad in Belgium and hope to live overseas again one day 5. My son is capable of putting on my make-up as well as I can

Like an optical illusion, this photo is many things at once: an adorable mama-and-kiddo tableau, a snapshot bio, and a glimpse into what life could be if you used PicMonkey graphics as wallpaper patterns. Which of the three is ultimately more important? We’ll let history be the judge.

5. Cuties, critters, and cards

If you’ve never thought about marking important life milestones with critter graphics, then let this birth announcement graphic be your wake-up call. It’s a delightful idea, and we’re kinda mad we didn’t think of it first.

Congratulations, @amychristensenart! We’re doing the monster mash in celebration.

6. Good enough to eat

We’re always surprised (and thrilled) to learn about PicMonkeyers who, previously unbeknownst to us, have been quietly rockin’ it using our humble photo editor. For instance: food truck owners. They’re purveyors of delicious snacks and ludicrously nice, but they also need to edit photos! Enter this great tutorial from SDFoodTrucks.

Geared specifically towards food truck owners, the video provides simple ways to make food look as appetizing on camera as it does in real life. The tutorial is also worth watching for anyone seeking tips on applying the Fade slider.

7. Santa strikes back

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? We think no way, which is why we were so tickled to see this photo of @steelymama’s, originally published three years ago, resurface.

Parents of the internet, please Kris Kringle your children. Not only will the photos bring you joy and merriment, they’ll serve as excellent ammunition in years to come. For instance, if you find yourself playing host to your kid’s brand-new significant other.

We’re just sayin’.

8. Portable magic

We love a good photo quote, and this quote’s from one of the greats: Stephen King. Blogger Michelle from Pop Culture Cottage crafted this graphic to complement a post on her 2016 reading list, so if you’re looking for geeky book recs, hit her up.

9. Love on a label

Fiona Parker, of the sewing blog Diary of a Chain Stitcher, designed her own logo with PicMonkey. We love when people do that, so she would’ve had us from hello for that alone—but Fiona took it one step further. She put that logo on custom-woven clothing labels to strut her sewing stuff.

10. Quadruple vision

Instagram user @moongphotos has created an array of kaleidoscopic images, of which “Nature Lover” is one. Surprisingly, this photo’s I-am-the-walrus psychotropic print isn’t its only claim to awesome: it’s also available for purchase on Redbubble as a backpack, duvet cover, travel mug, and even pencil skirt.

11. A fun (and frosty) occasion

MVP PicMonkeyer Brettni Brumfield is back! You may recall Brettni from our last user highlight installment, where we featured her whimsical scavenger hunt clues designed in PicMonkey. Today, we’re grooving on her latest printable, created for a school event. Brettni says:

I have taken on my first PTA Volunteer assignment for Lowrie Primary’s upcoming Snowball Dance and will be designing banners and printables for the occasion. I’m so giddy and can’t wait to decorate and watch Wyatt cut-a-rug with his schoolmates! 🎶💃🏼🚶🏼🎶

12. All that glitters

We leave you with one of the most inspirational things we know: glitter.

Emily of Fresh Paper Studios has crafted a hand-loomed tutorial for using PicMonkey to make glitter text. If you’ve ever made a text mask, peered at it, and thought, “You know, this could be sparklier,” Emily’s got your solution. Follow her lead and no one will doubt your commitment to sparkle motion again.

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Elisa Chavez

Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.