#Fave: PicMonkeyers Strike Again

Don’t touch that dial! PicMonkey’s back with one of our favorite programs: the user content roundup. Dive in and treat your eyes to the toe-tapping goodness that PicMonkeyers like you have been creating lately.

Up, Up, and Awesome

Yes, we’re traveling back in time to the ancient days of Valentine’s 2016. Can you even remember back that far? We were so young …

Anyway, on that fateful day of yore, Louise of LouiseM.com crafted this ebullient balloon graphic, and we can’t help but find our spirits lifted when we look at it. Definitely one of the loftiest uses of our textures we’ve seen in awhile. What a high-flying take on Valentine’s Day!

… We’ll stop.

Be Minecraft, Valentine

You know the old rhyme: Roses are red, violets are blue, bye see you later, there’s modding to do.

We kid, we kid. But we’re serious about our adoration for this Minecraft-themed Valentine’s box. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ve probably already caught all the references, and if you’re not, you can still enjoy its bevy of delightful details.

Tempest in a Teacup

Here on Planet PicMonkey, we have a tendency to get overexcited and declare every new photo we see THE BEST THING EVER FOREVERFAVE, but we can’t truly play favorites. The reason is simple: y’all are too darn cool. It’s like you’re purposefully trying to out-cool each other, only instead of being ruthlessly competitive about it like we would be, you’re all super sweet and nice and we get cavities.

Consider, for instance, this take on the double exposure, created by artist Spencer Sinclair. We definitely rethought our lives and our graphic design choices after finding this image. It’s beautiful! But we know that as soon as we pounce on it and call it our favorite thing that’s ever happened, someone else will post a new image (possibly Spencer), and our minds will be blown all over again.

It’s the circle of creativity, friends.

All Sewn Up

Ever wish life came with a set of instructions? Instagrammer @larissa_anotherday feels you. These playful invitations for a young women’s group at her church are fashioned after vintage sewing patterns, which is not only bananas creative, but a pretty spot-on metaphor for life.

Just like sewing patterns, life has a few foundational skills it’s a good idea to master before you do anything really ambitious. However, also like sewing patterns, in the end you can customize your life in whatever way makes you happy. Add rickrack. Try poufy sleeves. Make it from a hummingbird-patterned sateen and LIVE FIRE because nobody else is courageous enough for YOUR VISION.

Thanks Larissa!

The Graphics Got It

Do you wanna learn things? Graphic design things? Of course you do! You’re all inquisitive, visually-minded folks. So our advice to you is to head over to Nellie and Co, and let blogger-in-chief Amanda catch you up on the latest popular designs for blog graphics.

Amanda covers five different types of design, and provides templates for all five in a variety of styles. This makes it frabjously easy to get a sense for which type of graphic will work best for your brand. If you’re in need of graphics inspiration, click on over there and gobble up the eye candy.

Wedding Favor … ites!

Here’s an idea for wedding favors: put Polaroids of each guest’s face on a bag of sweets! Aww, so personal.

… What’s that, you don’t have time to take Polaroid pictures of everyone coming to your wedding? “Planning a wedding” and “having free time for whimsy” are mutually exclusive? Not to worry: Nods of Daydreaming Bride has a solution.

In a brilliant move, Nods used PicMonkey’s Polaroid frame to mimic the iconic film style, then printed the Faux-laroids herself on glossy photo paper. Saving time and money while looking fabulous? That’s living the dream.

Cozy and Collage-y

We already knew we loved a good crafty collage—but what we didn’t expect was this one by crochet champion Agrarian Artisan. By putting each crochet panel in its own collage cell, this stalwart yarn-bender created a digital quilt that looks cozy enough to curl up in. It has us totally pining for the fjords.

And by “the fjords,” we mean “a nap.”

Positively Adorable

Professional cutie and part-time fashion designer @thehappyarkansan dreamed this shirt up in PicMonkey, then had it printed. In other words, this blogger took all the principles of great text-based graphics and made something wearable. Why have we never thought of that?!

This must be how everyone else felt when pizza was invented. “Oh, duh, these amazing ingredients are all triple-amazing together. Combining them is just efficient.”

Double Horse (Of Course)

Our previous tagline for this image was “two horse heads are better than one.” But then we realized that sounded like an ominous Godfather throwback? And not at all what we meant, which is: through clever use of our brand-new Mirror effect, @coloradoan.native.edits has created the illusion of two horses casting one shadow. So cool!

Please bring us more animal-based mirror images, PicMonkey people. Ever more. We are a black hole of adorability that will never be sated, and we hunger.

Scrapbook Stunner

The classics are classic for a reason, as these vintage graphics show. Sarah of Kulturica Magazine makes us nostalgic for a time we never actually lived in with this show of scrapbooking. What provides the appeal here, is it the sketchedy crosshatching? The soothing loops and curlicues? Is it the dog? The dog is pretty cute. Either way, we love it.

Label Conscious

For those of you who aren’t obsessed with chalkboard labels, we’re sorry for your loss. But for fans of rustic decor betterment, Julie of Live from Julie’s House has used PicMonkey’s fonts and graphics to make a DIY version. And, because Julie is just that thoughtful, they’re available as free printables. Score!

Silver Belles

Once again, we sing out a loud, melodious “helloooooo” to @starladawnndl and her beauteous creations. As explained to us on Twitter, she used our new Tri-X effect “at about 80% to add a depth to the colors and make the silver hair pop.”

Well popped, Starla. Well popped indeed.

That’s all we have for you today! If you’ve got content to share, drop us a line and let us know. (Even/especially if you’re the one who made it. This isn’t running for eighth-grade class president, you can totally vote for yourself.) Keep on monkeying on!

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