FAQ for Legacy Team Subscribers

PicMonkey is phasing out our Team subscription in favor of a new subscription plan, PicMonkey Business. This is good news for you as a Team subscriber, because we'll continue to honor the offering you signed up for, and also throw a few goodies on top. 

Q: What happens to my Team subscription now that you no longer offer it?

A: As a legacy Team subscriber, you will be able to use all the features you currently have access to plus any new features that get added into the new Business subscription plan in the future — all at the price you are currently paying. 

Q: What will I be charged?

A: You will continue to be billed at the rate of $8.33 per month, per user when paid annually; and $11.33 per month, per user when paid monthly.

Q: What's better about the Business subscription?

A: The new Business subscription will offer additional features and functionality such as the ability to have multiple brand kits (coming in mid-April!), team folders, and some exciting upcoming features we can't tell you about just yet. Keep your eyes peeled!

Q: What happens to my shared folders?

A:  If you have existing shared folders, nothing changes for you with regard to these folders. You can continue to use Shared Folders exactly as you do today. However, shared folders are being retired for new users and users who do not already have shared folders when we introduce the Business subscription. If you already have shared folders, you will now have both shared folders as well as the opportunity to create team folders.

Q: What are team folders?

A: Team folders let you share images with anyone in your subscription. Just like shared folders, Team folders are the nexus for team collaboration: you can co-edit, in real time, any image in a team folder and comment on images in these folders. Everyone in your subscription has access to all team folders.

Q: How do multiple brand kits work? (Coming in mid-April)

A: With the Pro subscription, you can create one brand kit. With the Business subscription you can create as many brand kits as you'd like – to support brands for multiple clients, different marketing campaigns, or even to create unique looks or aesthetics for repeat use. All brand kits are created in Hub, just like you've been doing, and accessible when you are creating and editing images.

Q: What happens to my existing brand kit at that time?

A: If you or anyone on your team has already created a brand kit, it will be shared across the team at the time that we release multiple brand kits. All team members will have full access to kits created by team members so that you can more easily collaborate.

Q: What happens at my renewal date?

A: You can renew your subscription at the price you are paying now. It will still be labeled a Team subscription, but you'll get the feature benefits of a Business subscription.

Q: What if I want to add seats to my team?

A: Any seats you add will be billed at your current price.

Q: What if I want to create an entirely new team?

A: If you wish to create an entirely new team, it will be at the new Business subscription price. 

Q: What if I downgrade my subscriptions to Basic or Pro, and then upgrade again, to support a team?

A: If you downgrade and then decide to upgrade to support a team, the Teams subscription will no longer appear as an option — a Business subscription would be your best bet (and a good one!).

Q: How do I check my account status?

A: If you purchased the Team subscription, you can go to your Account Settings page by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the PicMonkey homepage when you're signed in. Click the "Billing" tab up top and you'll see, as always, your current billing rate, subscription type, and expiration date. You will continue to be billed at the same rate you're paying now if you make no changes to your subscription.

Q: How do I review all the subscription levels and features again?

A:  Go to PicMonkey.com/pricing to see what we're offering new subscribers. This will not show the billing rate and frequency for the legacy Teams subscription you have — see instructions above for that — but it does give you a quick rundown of features. 

Q: Will the roles and permissions for people in my subscription change in any way?

A: The Business subscription enables a team ecosystem in which to collaborate. There are three different roles, each with unique permissions. There is a team Owner, team Admin, and team Contributor.

  • The Owner manages the payment for the subscription and can add seats, revoke seats, cancel and renew the subscription. This role is assigned to the person who first purchased the Team subscription. The team Owner is also assigned the role of Admin.

  • The Admin manages other team member roles, and can assign team members to be an Admin or Contributor.

  • All other team members are Contributors.

Q: I have a question that's not covered in this FAQ — how do I get an answer?

A: Our Support team would be happy to help. Drop us a line here.


This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.