12 Days of PicMonkey Team Photo Walk

We couldn’t let you have all the fun! The PicMonkey team got out of the office and onto the frigid streets of Seattle for a 12 Days of PicMonkey Photo Challenge photo walk. We broke ourselves up into teams and made a proper scavenger hunt of it. Here are our favorite photos from each theme, but we’re not the ones winning the fabu prizes; you are! Let this be your reminder to shoot and hashtag your own photos; we wanna see ’em!

Tasty Treats from Lisa Conquergood

Anticipation from Brian Terry

Deck the Halls from Jaree Wolfe

Gifts that Keep Giving from Anthony Procissi

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks from Anthony Procissi

Cup of Good Cheer from Travis Veralrud

Nestled from Jen Shetterly

Jolly Happy Soul from Brian Sharon

Do You Hear What I Hear from Lisa Conquergood

Where the Treetops Glisten from Jen Shetterly

Shimmering Lights from Jordan Phillip

Winter Wonderland from Jen Shetterly

What photos will you snap for the rest of PicMonkey’s 12 day photo challenge?  Read more about it.

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