13 Sassy and Stylin’ Photo Gifts

13 Sassy and Stylin’ Photo Gifts
December 5, 2016 Tanya Friedland

It’s a known fact that even the stoney-heartiest of hobgoblins can’t resist a personalized gift. Move your loved ones this year with some of the sweetest, non-cheesiest photo gifts on the whole entire internet. There’s something perfect here for all the peeps you know and it’s easy to use PicMonkey to get your photos print-ready.

1. For the nearly and newly verbal

Delight a tot and charm their parents with a fully customizable board book from Pinhole Press. Add up to 21 photos of anything you want and personalize the text and page colors.

Website: https://pinholepress.com/mini-book-of-names-and-faces

Price: $34.99-39.99

2. For the organizational maven

Photo gifts, planner, custom, PicMonkey, design

Make dreams come true for the compulsive list-makers you know by getting them a personalized planner from Erin Condren. Add up to 18 photos to the cover and pick the design and layout of the interior. Plus it literally has their name written all over it.

Website: https://www.erincondren.com/build-your-own-lifeplanner

Price: $55-65

3. For the ardent gamer

Personalize a variety of gaming consoles and controllers with custom gaming skins from Skinit. Upload your own image or design and add it to any number of the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo.

Go with fan favorites like sports teams or nature, or go in more of an offbeat direction by adding pictures of kittens to your roommate’s Xbox controller. Or pictures of the face they make when playing Call of Duty.

Website: http://www.skinit.com/create-your-own/custom-skins/gaming

Price: $14.99-49.99

4. For the summertime sweater-donner

Photo gifts, blanket, custom, design, PicMonkey

You might mock this person for diving into their wool socks, beanies, and mittens at the slightest hint of a fall breeze, but they know the true meaning of coziness. What better gift to give them than a collage of warm and fuzzy memories that they can actually snuggle with?

Collage.com offers custom photo blankets in four different fabric types and sizes. In addition to adding up to 80 photos, you can also add text and a number of backgrounds.

Website: https://wback.collage.com/photo-blankets

Price: $79.99-249.99

5. For the card shark

Photo gifts, playing cards, custom, personalize, PIcMonkey, design

Up their card game with a customized poker deck from Makeplayingcards.com. Add your own photos and text to the back or front of each card and choose whether you want to add 1, 4, 13, or 54 unique images.

Website: http://www.makeplayingcards.com/design/custom-blank-card.html

Price: $12.80-19.20

6. For the idol worshipper

Immortalize your favorite people and moments with 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 statuettes from Mpix.

Before you add your images into Mpix, they need to already be sized to 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 inches, while leaving a quarter inch margin at the bottom for the base. PicMonkey has both of those sizes in our cropping presets, so you’ll be able to get your image sized up nicely.

Website: http://www.mpix.com/products/funstuff/statuettes

Price: $16-34

7. For the poster child

Photo collage, photo gifts, custom, personalized, PicMonkey, design

Collect all your favorite memories in a huge-mongous poster from Social Print Studio. Include anywhere between 50 and 200 individual photos of your person, the things they like, and the memories you share, and choose whether to display them in portrait or landscape.

Website: https://www.socialprintstudio.com/poster/

Price: $25-35

8. For the sentimentarian

Celebrate the new year at any time with an easel calendar from Shutterfly. Pick a style and fill it with your memories from the past year. You can pick any month to start, so no need to tether it to New Year’s.

Website: https://www.shutterfly.com/photo-gifts/for-the-office/easel-calendars

Price: $24.99

9. For the couch potato

Photo gifts, pillow, custom, PicMonkey, personalized, design

Liven up their digs with a photo pillow from Nations Photo Lab. Get cute and mushy with a couple-y photo collage, or make a bold statement with one full sized photo.

Website: http://www.nationsphotolab.com/photo-pillows

Price: $34.99-44.99

10. For the enigmatologist

Photo gifts, puzzle, custom, design, PIcMonkey

Got a friend who likes to solve a pretty pickle? Give them a custom jigsaw puzzle from Pinhole Press. Puzzles range from as simple as twelve pieces to as complex as 252 pieces, so this is a gift that’s perfect for all ages.

Website: https://pinholepress.com/252-piece-photo-puzzle-portrait

Cost: $24.99

11. For the tiny tile-ophile

Give their fridge a facelift with these teeny tile magnets from Image Snap. These little cuties pack a big punch, and once you start making them it’s hard to stop.

Website: https://www.imagesnap.com/products

Cost: $4 per tile

12. For the breakfast-in-bedder

Photo gifts, serving tray, design, custom, PicMonkey

Hit ’em with a double whammy of thoughtfulness by making them a homemade breakfast and presenting it to them on a customized photo serving tray from Collage.com.

Website: https://www.collage.com/custom-photo-serving-trays

Cost: $99.99-114.99

13. For friends far and near

Postcards, photo gifts, custom, design, PicMonkey

You’ve sent emails, made phone calls, done a vidchat or two… but when was the last time you sent something to your long distance pals through snail mail? Send them a custom postcard from Social Print Studio and write your regards with yer own hand. They’ll cherish it, we promise.

Website: https://www.socialprintstudio.com/postcards/

Cost: $14 for a pack of twelve


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