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Why Is My Video Not Downloading?

PicMonkey sends an email to your registered address once your video has finished rendering and is ready for download.

If you did not receive an email:

  1. Check your spam folder.

  2. Try logging out of PicMonkey and logging back in. (If you've been logged in for a long time, you may have missed a system update which can hinder performance.)

If neither of these solutions prove helpful, it's likely your video failed to download. Before attempting to download again, you can:

  1. Delete layers in order to keep the file as simple as possible.

  2. Flatten all layers (with the exception of video and animation aspects).

  3. Reassess your canvas size.

  4. For multi-page designs: try splitting videos into separate designs and downloading individually.

Keep in mind: Every edit you make adds data to your file; so, the more that's added to a canvas, the harder your computer must work in order to render and download the final design.

If you feel like your computer is having trouble running PicMonkey, check out PicMonkey Editor is Slow, Lagging, or Glitchy for troubleshooting tips.

If you did receive an email:

If you received an email but the download link gives you an error message, it's possible that your video is no longer available to download. Links are accessible for seven days after download. If you're still within this window, please contact the support team.

For more on downloading and performance, see the Uploading & Downloading and Crashes and Performance sections of our Help & Support content.

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