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The Background Tools Menu

To make adjustments to your background, you will use the Background Tools menu. In this tutorial, we'll walk through how to use various background tools.

The Background Tools menu

When you start a new project by opening an image, the image you open will be your background to start. The Background Tools menu will open in the left tab column and will be specific to adjusting an image background. You can:

  • Reposition, rotate, and flip your image horizontally or vertically

  • Replace your image

  • Remove your image's background

You can also convert your image background to a layer, then edit your photo independent of the background using the Image Tools menu. Just click the padlock icon from the Layers panel on the far right of the Editor.

Changing the color of your background

If you separate your image, you'll see fewer options on the Background Tools menu. The first option opens up the Background Color Picker and lets you change your background's color.

Enter in a specific hex code on the Spectrum tab, or choose a preset hue from the Colors tab.

Add a new background image

In this example, we applied the same image as our background, then copied it two more times and layered each image on top of one another.

When you click Add bg image..., you'll be prompted to choose the file location (your computer, stock photography, Hub, etc.). Note that if you start a project with a blank canvas, the Background Tools menu will be specific to these two options.

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