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VIDEO: The Background Palette

New as of March 2020, to make adjustments to your background, you will use the Background palette. If you convert your background image to a layer using the Layers palette, you will now see the Image palette. 

This tutorial video shows examples of both the palettes and starting a project in two ways:

  1. Beginning with Create New + opening an image

  2. Beginning with Create New + starting with a Blank Canvas 

PicMonkey has changed the way to adjust backgrounds in your projects to accommodate our new Background Remove feature and the new Smart Resize feature. Now, when you start a new project in the PicMonkey editor you will see a new palette: the Background palette. 

If you start a new project by opening an image, the image you open will be your background to start. The Background palette will be specific to adjusting an image background. You can convert your image background to a layer, then edit your photo independent of the background (see the video above for specifics).

If you start a project with a blank canvas, the Background palette will be specific to adjusting a white/color background.

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