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Harvest moon in black and white.

Shooting the Moon

Frits Habermann gives the straight dope on how to shoot the moon in the night sky. Compsition, apert...
Graphic showing what a panorama picture of a city looks like when taken on a phone.

How to Get Perfect Panoramas with Your Phone

Become a panorama master (panoramaster?) with these tips and creative ideas.
Empty glass with orange slice in it and tiled watermark pattern over entire image, highlighting that you can "Add a watermark" to your designs in PicMonkey.

What is a Watermark? (And When to Use One)

Learn everything you need to know about watermarks and how to easily add them to your projects in Pi...
learn tips for photographing a blue moon

How to Photograph a Blue Moon

Learn how to catch the rarest of lunar events: a blue moon.

Help! Why Are My Photos So Dark?

Are dark photos getting you down? This article unravels why underexposure can happen and what you ca...

Shooting a Blood Moon

Learn how you can get amazing shots of a blood moon, or total lunar eclipse.

Macro, Close-up, and Micro Photography: What’s the Diff?

Be master of the tiny! Learn the difference between macro, micro, and close-up photography with this...

Create a High Production DIY Photo Shoot with Kids

Have some family fun (and get some great pics) by creating a DIY photo shoot with props and costumes...

How to Enhance Your Pics with Unsharp Mask

Add extra polish to your pictures with our unsharp mask and sharpening features.

How to Photograph Fireworks Like a Pro

Get ready to photograph fireworks for any occasion with our expert camera settings, composition note...

Photography Tips for Capturing Joy

Learn to bring out a sense of joy in your pictures with these expert photography tips.

Liven Up Your Photos with Light Painting

Learn the ins and outs of light painting with tips from an expert photographer, and start creating y...

Lava Photography: Melting Shoes and Cool Shots

Frits Habermann recounts his Hawaiian lava photography adventure, and gives hot tips for shooting th...

Grizzly Bear Photography: Terror and the Art of Stillness

Explore the wild side of nature photography with Frits Habermann's recent trek to capture grizzly be...

Why Edit Photos?

Explore what photo editing can do for you, and peep some next-level looks that'll get your creative ...