Free Video Effects App

Create stunning video designs on your phone with the PicMonkey mobile app. Crop, resize, flip, or fade your clips, layer videos and photos if you want, apply cool effects, and add text and graphics to your videos. Export your video directly to social!

Apply filter effects to video

Make the colors in your video pop, or turn it all black and white when you apply a filter to video. Check out Light Leaks for an exposed-film nostalgic look, or play with Santorini or Sunglow for a beach-washed vibe. Can’t decide? Apply more than one filter for a custom result.

Add text to video, and stickers, too!

  • Type a message on your clip when you use the PicMonkey app to add text to video. Our text comes with lotsa cool effects like curve, drop shadow, color, and loads of gorgeous fonts.

  • Browse 1000s of sticker graphics to add to your video for a bit of emphasis and fun. You’ll find stickers ranging from playful to business-y.

Add text to video, and stickers on PicMonkey mobile app
Add text to video, and stickers on PicMonkey mobile app

The PicMonkey Mobile App for design on the go

Start your design on your laptop, run to a meeting, take a call, finish up your work on your phone using our Mobile App, post directly to social, or share with your colleagues. Whew! We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re at your service 24/7.

Even more video on

Do more with video on the desktop

Get PicMonkey on your computer and you can also trim video clips, upload and export GIFs, and use a video in a template or a collage! Plus, choose from thousands of royalty-free stock video available right in the editor.

Get a PicMonkey subscription and access powerful photo editing and design tools online, anytime.