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PicMonkey Help & Support

Uploading Images to PicMonkey

Upload 1 or more images to Hub from a desktop computer:

  1. From the homepage, select (or create) a subfolder to upload photos into.

2. With the subfolder open, Click the cloud with an arrow or the Upload button.

3. Choose the image(s) you want to upload from your drive. Note that you can upload multiple images at once. 

Note: you can upload these file types: JPG, PNG, SVG, MP4, GIF

Upload 1 image to edit

If you don't want to upload images to a folder just yet, you can upload a single image to start editing right away.

  1. From the homepage click the Create new button or the Edit new image "+ sign."

  2. Choose an image to edit, click Open.

  3. Edit your image. It will autosave in "Unsorted" until you choose to move it to another subfolder.

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