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Using File Search & How to Tag and Share Files

Hub search allows all users to search for files using the image file name. On the left panel of the homepage you'll see a search box just underneath the Home and Brand Kit icons. Enter all or part of the file name you used when you named your design to find what you're looking for.

File tagging

File tagging allows Business subscriber users to add searchable tags to their images to help locate, organize, and manage files.

Open a subfolder in Hub, select an image, add tags on the right Image details panel

At a glance:

  • Add tags to images to identify and to group images by theme or concept

  • Search for your images using tags instead of file names

  • For teams, share tags among members

  • Manage your tag library -- editing a tag changes it on ALL the images it was added to (ditto for Delete tag)

File tagging FAQs:

Who can access this feature?

Only Business-level subscribers.

How does tagging work?

You can add text tags to any image in your Hub and then search on that tag in Hub to locate all images bearing that tag. You can also create tags in the tag library and manage them there.

To tag image files, open a subfolder in Hub and select an image to tag.

Where do I find the tagging feature?

Add tags by selecting an image file in Hub that you want to tag. Hover on the image and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select Tag image. This opens the image detail panel on the right side of Hub. Add tags directly to individual images, or select Manage all tags from within the Image details panel to see all your tags at once.

How do I add a tag?

To add a tag, type the desired tag name in the text field. Click the plus sign "+" to add it to the image file AND to the tag library. Once you've added the tag name, you can use it to tag other files by starting to type the tag name then clicking the tag you want when it appears. 

How do I search using a tag?

Once a tag has been added, just enter the tag name in the Hub search box to bring up all associated images bearing that tag.

How do I edit or modify a tag used on an image?

To edit or modify a tag, click Manage all tags to open the tag library. Click on the tag, select Edit in the menu, and then modify the tag in the Edit tag box. This will update all instances of that tag in use. So if that tag has been applied to 5 images, the tag will update on all 5 of the images it is on, as well as in the tag library.

Is there a limit to the number of tags I can add to my library?

You can add an unlimited number of tags to your tag library.

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