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How Do I Change the Size of My Image? (Crop & Resize)

The Crop Canvas and Resize tools are in the Edits menu on the left under Canvas Edits.

Additionally, you will find a Crop tool on the Image and Graphic Tools menus. Use these to crop photos or graphics that are separate layers on top of your canvas. 

To crop an image or graphic layer:

  1. Select your layer by clicking on it or choosing it from the Layers panel. 

  2. Using either the Image or Graphic Tools menu, click Crop layer and adjust the blue bounding box. 

  3. Click Apply.

To crop the canvas:

  1. Click Crop Canvas under the Canvas Edits tab on the left Edits menu. 

  2. Use the corner or edge handles of the blue bounding box to select the area you want to crop. 

  3. Alternatively, you can choose a preset size from the proportions drop-down, or enter your own dimensions. 

  4. Check the Scale photo box to keep your bounding box the same relative size. 

  5. Click Apply.

Note that Crop Canvas will only crop your canvas (or background layer). Whatever layers are on your canvas will also be affected by the crop, but you can rearrange them once the canvas is cropped. If your image is your background and you want to separate it, click the padlock icon on the Layers panel.

To resize an image:

  1. Click Resize under the Canvas Edits tab on the left Edits menu.

  2. Enter the desired dimensions in pixels in the Width and Height boxes.

  3. Alternatively, you can check the Use percentages box to change the size of your image.

  4. Keep image proportions locked ( the chain link icon) to prevent loss of image quality upon resizing.

  5. Click Apply.

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