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Unknown Charges from PicMonkey

Most often, unknown charges from PicMonkey are due to one of the following scenarios:

  • Your 7-day PicMonkey free trial ended and converted to a paid PicMonkey subscription.

  • Your monthly or annually billed PicMonkey subscription has renewed for a new subscription term.

  • A different family member has signed up for a PicMonkey trial or subscription without your knowledge.

Note for unknown changes occurring around October 2020:

We moved to a new payment processor in October 2020. It's possible you have an invoice around this time. When it shows zero on the Paid line it is an internal credit note. It was needed for setting us up with our new processor, you won’t find this on your card statement as you have not been charged anything extra.

Our support team is available to answer any account information questions you may have about subscription charges. Send us an email at help@picmonkey.com for further assistance.

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