Unleash Your Dog’s Creativity With PicPuppy

When you first saw the holes in your flowerbed or shredded toilet paper carpeting the halls, you probably thought, “I can’t believe how creative Murphy is! I wonder what other media interests him!” Well, now you can give him a chance to chew up the world of photo editing with PicPuppy, PicMonkey’s new dog-friendly photo editing tool.

It’s science

Recent studies have shown that canine creativity is not limited to dance and mime as previously thought. With PicPuppy, your best friend has a new creative outlet. In our nose- and paw-friendly interface, dogs can quickly edit photos and design like a pro with just one touch.

Curated grrrrrraphics collections

Our designers have created new graphic sets specifically for PicPuppy. These include balls (tennis, squeaky, soccer, squishy), squirrels (squirrels), and bark inducers (beards, hats, leaves, ducks, clouds, ghosts, bushes, cars, vacuum cleaners).

Easy to use tools

We know that dogs have their paws full looking for things to chew and destroy, so we made PicPuppy tools intuitive and easy to use. We designed high-contrast controls that don’t require fine motor skills, and all commands are repeated twice (“Click it! Click it!”) to imitate human interactions.

Tools include Squirrelate, Drool Eraser, and our smart Catout tool, which quickly puts an end to photobombing.

Our Good Boy filter is great for adding a bit of a smile to a pic. Your dog can adjust the mirth radius, tongue protrusion, and number of teeth for a totally realistic look.

Upgrade to PicPuppy Pro and get breed-specific features, such as:

  • One-touch Chihuahua deshiverer

  • Labrador “chewables” graphics collection, which includes socks, shoes, doormats, towels, chairs, couches, blankets, power cables, books, flowers, coats, and pens

  • Pug tongue replacer

Check out the original human version of PicMonkey
Kevin Rexroat

Kevin is a technical and creative writer with experience writing for Redmond and Hollywood. He is by all accounts a terrible vegetarian, mainly because of pepperoni pizza. He has never seen "The Sound of Music," but he has seen pink dolphins. In addition to being an accomplished writer, his acting and singing have been described as "fine."