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Free Thanksgiving Printables to Flex Your Gratitude Muscles

At this festive time of year, we like to chow down on delectable grub, take bounteous photos, and enjoy the beauty of our seasonally decorated abodes. Problem: We are very busy, and forget to do things like hang acorn garlands and gild small pumpkins. Next thing you know, it’s Thanksgiving day and we don’t even have plates. Is something burning?!

That’s no way to holiday. This year, we’re offering a selection of free Thanksgiving printables that can be downloaded and enjoyed in minutes. Whether you’re a Thanksgiving traditionalist or looking to host a Friendsgiving feast, PicMonkey’s here to help you celebrate your way. We’ll even teach you to make custom place cards at lightning speeds, and show you how to make even more seasonal stuff with our Thanksgiving templates.

Traditional Thanksgiving with the fam

Despite Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Wig-Purchasing Wednesday, Thanksgiving is showing signs of going back to basics. Retailers like REI are asking their employees to stay home on Black Friday, and we’re giddy as a pardoned turkey to see the holiday return to its essentials: food and family. But mostly food.

For those of you planning to host a traditional Thanksgiving meal, set the scene with beautifully designed place cards. Our walkthrough takes under five minutes and you get awesome place cards at the end! (You can also check out the in-depth version of the tutorial.)

Design your own Thanksgiving printable

1. In Collage, go to Layouts and pick Ducks in a Row. Rotate your collage so the squares are on top of each other instead of side by side. While you’re at it, stop by the Background tab and set the Spacing slider to zero.

2. Head to Swatches. Select one patterned Fall swatch and one solid swatch. Once you’re satisfied with your swatches, click Send to Editor and never look back.

3. Pick your favorite graphicFor the look we’ve chosen, match Color 2 to your solid swatch with the eyedropper.

4. Add text. Choose whatever color and font feels most festive (you can use your own fonts with our tools, too), and go nuts crafting your custom message. Skip this step if you prefer to leave your place cards blank.

5. Export and print. Bon apetit!

But wait, there’s more

If you’re thinking:

“Thanks, PicMonkey, but I’m using up my spare five minutes today reading this article. What do I do?”

You’re in luck! We’ve whipped up a side course of PicMonkey place card printables just for you. You don’t even have to say it three times fast; just download and enjoy.

Friendsgiving, the new Turkey Day sensation

You kids with your newfangled hashtag holidays! Get off my lawn!

Sadly for our inner 85-year-old, Friendsgiving—a portmanteau that describes, as you may have guessed, a Thanksgiving celebration with friends—is here to stay. Instagram lists more than 600,000 uses of the hashtag “friendsgiving,” roughly 78 percent of which are bound to make you really hungry. And while Friendsgiving fans are often in their 20s and 30s, there’s no age requirement for this take on Thanksgiving: all you need are awesome people and good food.

Whether expanding on Thanksgiving dinner with family or celebrating the family they’ve chosen, more and more people are hopping aboard the Friendsgiving gravy train. (See what we did there?) And since we want you to stay trendy, we’ve provided free printables to make your Friendsgiving one to remember. Just download, print, and bask in compliments.

Design the easy way with Thanksgiving templates

The Thanksgiving printable party doesn’t stop there, folks. We have gobs (er, gobbles?) of Thanksgiving templates for you to transform with your own creative brilliance. Make menus and avoid the is-this-gluten-free-and-vegan-friendly questions. Design matching place cards with your guests’ names on them, along with an inspiring Thanksgiving quote. Make invites and spread the word about your Thanksgiving dinner, Friendsgiving feast, or leftovers potluck. You’ll even find templates for seasonal social posts and geofilters.

Each and every one of our templates is fully customizable, so you can change them up a little or make them nearly unrecognizable. Check out our short video tutorial for a complete rundown on how to use templates.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.