Style your photos right with design themes

Our rich array of design themes pull your photos together for any occasion.

You never wanna show up to ’80s Night without leg warmers.

Party on with our themes

When it’s time to celebrate, congratulate, or let your freak flag fly, PicMonkey brings the fiesta. Explore how effortlessly our themes play together to coordinate your images.

Trick or Treat

Throwing a party? Bring tricks and treats together in harmony with this cauldron of ghoulish graphics, phantom fonts, and ooky graphics.
Hallo-wheeee! >


Whether you’re a Dracula or an Edward Cullen, our Vampires theme has the eerie effects to take you from mere mortal to drop-undead-gorgeous.
Dazzle yourself >


Zombify yourself with our zombie photo effects, and become the ravening undead fiend you always knew you could be.
Grak … unh … brains >


Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Then get your paranormal activity on with our Demons theme. We brought enough brimstone for everyone.
Get evil >


It’s not easy being green, but we’re pretty sure you can handle it. Bring some black magic to your pictures with this witchy theme.
Bewitch a pic >

Day of the Dead

Mexico’s Day of the Dead is one of the world’s most visually striking holidays. Also? Skulls. Celebrate with our Day of the Dead theme.
Vivan los muertos >


Become a blizzard wizard with Winterland. This theme’s got enough frost, one-click winter storms, and snowflake graphics to cancel school.
Let it snow >

Santa Land

A must-have for jolly holidayers, Santa Land’s got candy canes, presents, and a workshop of effects. Plus, Santa-fy yourself or friends!
Ho ho ho >

School U

Class is in session, and we’re so ready. School supply graphics? Check. Yearbook-ready photo effects? Check. It’s gonna be a good year.
Study up >


What is love? Among our Valentine theme’s soft photo filters, doodly hearts, and shape cutouts, you’re sure to find your love language.
Spread the lurv >

Comic Heroes

Zap! Pow! With high-flying effects and bold graphics, Comic Heroes makes your adventures—epic and otherwise—the stuff of graphic novels.
Photo editors, assemble! >


For birthday parties, bachelorette bashes, and occasional Tuesdays, the Celebrate theme is here to turn up the volume.
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Comic Heroes

With Comic Heroes as your faithful sidekick, outwit your nemesis Dr. Boringphotos and save the day for vivid visuals.

Comic Print

The Comic Print photo effect dots your images in classic comic strip style. Paint it on where you want it, and adjust at will to take pics from low-key to full-on pop art.
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Sound Effects

There’s nothing like the super-powered punch of comic book sound effects. Add our auditory graphics to any image in need of a little KA-POW.
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