PicMonkey Survey Reveals Photo Editing Habits of Men and Women

Research shows men just as likely to edit and post photos as women on social media.

SEATTLE, WA – (July 17, 2015) PicMonkey, the leading photo editing website, in conjunction with LEWIS, recently conducted a survey with over 2,000 respondents about the photos they edit and post on social media. Respondents were asked questions regarding photo quality and personal preference and use.

Not surprisingly, 91% of all respondents said they have posted pictures to social media within the last year. However, when it came to gender, it turns out that men have posted photos nearly as often as women within the last year (87% vs. 96% respectively). Additionally, almost half of the male respondents have used an online photo editor to remove wrinkles, whiten teeth and remove pesky red-eye. In comparison, more than half of women respondents admitted to using the same edits in their photos. While 67% of female respondents acknowledged using an online photo editor to remove facial blemishes, more than half of the male respondents did the same (51%).

Additionally, even though the notion of a “selfie” is highly associated with women, 69% of males are likely to crop other people from photos compared to 66% of females. Men are also almost as likely to add a filter to their photos as women (80% vs. 88%, respectively), dispelling the stereotype that women use more filters than men. When asked about frequency, 72% of male respondents have used online photo editing software at least 20 times within the last year, not far behind the 80% of female respondents who have done the same. While it may seem women post and edit photos to social media more often, in actuality, men overall participate in the same activity just as much.

Here is a full breakdown of what type of photos men and women are likely to edit:

  • Selfies – men: 11%, women: 12%

  • Food – men: 10%, women: 10%

  • Family photos – men: 17%, women: 17%

  • Home / interior design – men: 9%, women: 9%

  • Wedding / engagement photos – men: 8%, women: 8%

  • Personal workout photos – men: 4%, women: 2%

  • Professional headshots – men: 10%, women 8%

  • Group photos – men: 16%, women 15%

  • Baby / newborn photos – men: 5%, women 8%

“Culture changes alongside technology, and the results of our survey show that men care about their Internet presence just as much as women do,” says Jonathan Sposato, cofounder and CEO of PicMonkey. “People value the content they post online, and no matter what age group or gender, they should feel empowered to put their best self forward.”

About the Survey

The survey was conducted online globally by PicMonkey in conjunction with LEWIS from March 27-April 3 among 2,020 adults across the world. The survey has a margin of error for the entire sample of plus or minus 2.07 and a 95% confidence level.

About PicMonkey

Founded in 2012, PicMonkey Inc. is a browser-based photo editing website dedicated to fulfilling the world’s creative yearnings. PicMonkey.com offers basic editing all the way up to touch-up and advanced effects, with supafly fonts, graphics, and textures for graphics projects and crafts. Most of the site is free; premium effects bolt on as a monthly or annual subscription. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA. For more information, visit picmonkey.com and picmonkey.com/blog.

Karen Cooper

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