Spinning Yarns: 6 Ways to Get Your Photos to Tell the Story

by Beryl Ayn Young Photography is all about visual storytelling. The most powerful photos are the ones where we can immediately sense the who, what, where, when, why and how. They give us...

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PicMonkey's rules for photographing fireworks.

How to Photograph Fireworks Like a Pro

America, woohoo! It’s time to gather around your local fairgrounds for a face-melting spectacle of booming independence (and thousands of dollars of advanced pyrotechnics)! Listen to the pops, smell the hotdogs, and get...

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Get the deets on PicMonkey's area effects.

Grab Attention with the 5 Focal Effects

The Area Effects group includes our focal effects. They offer easy like Sunday mornin’ ways to apply effects to a part of your image, instead of the whole thing. They were also built...

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Read PicMonkey's expert landscape photography tips here.

6 Landscape Photography Composition Tips to Help You Seize the Scene

Shooting landscapes is a fantastic way to practice your composition skills: the stillness and scale of your subject lets you focus your creativity on framing a shot that captures all the elements in...

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cover for landscape photography article

8 Essential Landscape Photography Tips

Great landscape photography requires the curiosity of a child, the soul of a wanderer, and the perseverance of a hunter. We asked Loretta Grande, photographer extraordinaire, to let us in on her secrets...

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Watch PicMonkey's tutorial on how to make a double exposure.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Double Exposure

As an analogue technique, the double exposure effect has been around for a while. Fortunately for your eyeballs, the proliferation of digital photography has made double exposures more popular than ever. What’s double...

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PicMonkey survey finds that photo editing is good for you.

Why Photo Editing is Good for You

Last year, we did a survey on all things selfie and got some interesting results. Last month, we did another survey. We polled over 2,000 people from all over the world on how...

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findinglight_blog cover

5 Solutions for Finding Light in Photography

We’ve asked photographer Beryl Ayn Young to give some tips on making the best of poor lighting situations when taking photos. We’ve all had them. Those moments where we see the cutest, most beautiful, candid photo opportunity...

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PicMonkey's social media tips and tutorials.

Social Media Tips and Tutorials

Who would’ve thought that a #cool #teen posting a #swag #selfie and a Super Serious Suit Man™ with an MBA would use the same platform to make their lives better? Social media is weird....

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From PicMonkey's series on black and white effects.

Mini-Video Tutorial: Black & White Effects

Nothing’s as simple as black and white, not even black and white. PicMonkey has over nine unique ways to get the timeless, dramatic, beautiful black and white look. In this series, we’re profiling...

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PicMonkey Prepares for Growth

PicMonkey Prepares for Growth

~ Fast-growing photo editing startup moves into new office space, celebrates three-year anniversary and gets ready for next phase of market expansion ~ SEATTLE, WA – (Marketwired – April 22, 2015) PicMonkey, the...

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Mother's Day card ideas from PicMonkey.

Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate all the moms in your life. Maybe you’re a mother yourself, know an expecting mom, or have a woman in your life who’s always in...

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Get to know the PicMonkey eyedropper tool with this quick tutorial.

Video: Pick Any Color with the Eyedropper Tool

Hey. Got less than a minute to spare? Of course you do, and that’s perfect, because this guide to the eyedropper tool clocks in at 25 seconds. The eyedropper tool lets you pick any color from...

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Turn a photo into an illustration with PicMonkey!

Tutorial: Turn a Photo into an Illustration

PicMonkey can’t spread its superpowers (but believe us, we’re drinking enough radioactive goo), so we’ve tried our hardest to put you and your images in the realm of the unreal. We’re talking about how...

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A head-to-shoulders crop is perfect for LinkedIn profile pics

10 Ways to Turn Up Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

Congratulations if you’re getting ready to graduate, graduated recently, or wear your cap and gown regularly because you think it makes you look smart. (You should probably stop that.) With a college degree...

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Tutorial: Make a Text Mask

Because there’s always a new text and image combination, and because life’s too short for boring photos, we did this. You’ve probably heard it described several ways: Make an image come through text. Clipping...

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