Video Tutorial: Mirror Effect

Mirror effect photos are all over the internet, so you’re poised to be Captain Cool with your take on this trend. The mirror effect is a unique way to turn an ordinary photo into something that really stands...

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7 Composition Tips for Stunning Fashion Photography

7 Composition Tips for Stunning Fashion Photography

by Gisella at Glamhive You’ve got the perfect outfit, and you’re ready to go. Now you just need to point and shoot, right? Well, there’s a little bit more involved to get a...

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Teaching Kids Photo Editing

by Kim Vij from The Educators’ Spin On It Digital cameras and smartphone cameras are easy to use for many children. As they explore using a camera, they learn basic camera skills. Photo...

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Summer photos get you feeling the feels! Edit them with PicMonkey

5 Ways to Extend Summer with Photos

Summer lovers and lovers of summer, don’t get all bummed out because it’s almost over! You can revel in the sun-drenched glory of it all with photos even if you never went to the...

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Video Tutorial: The Next-Level Touch Up Effects

In the first installment of our Touch Up series, we covered complexion tools. The second video was all about eyes, the most important part of any portrait. Now, we’re taking it to the next level...

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PicMonkeySmarts Pinterest Contest

Great news, pinners: we’re doing a back to school contest. Enter your board of resources, activities, and other fun school stuff for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card. If you...

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20 free font resources from PicMonkey.

20 Free Font Resources to Improve your Designs

The open-source type movement is about giving tools away, about ending the monopolies on creativity. In that spirit of giving, we’ve assembled a list of 20 free font resources. That translates to thousands of fonts...

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cover image for PicMonkey's photographic survey article

Gender Shmender: Photography Survey Tells All

Nobody wants to be a stereotype. No one describes herself as a typical rich snob, or your average absent-minded professor. But gender stereotyping may be more deeply ingrained. Time to check your assumptions: PicMonkey’s...

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Tutorial: Retouch Photos with the Eye Effects

The eyes, a.k.a. the windows to your soul, are the most important part of any portrait. But sometimes they’re caught in a blink, a cross, an “uuuhhhhhhhh what?” moment that betrays your typical beauty. Which is...

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PicMonkey Secures $41 Million Growth Equity Investment  from Spectrum Equity

PicMonkey Secures $41 Million Growth Equity Investment from Spectrum Equity

SEATTLE, WA – (July 30, 2015) PicMonkey, the leading web-based photo editing and graphic design service, today announced that it has received a $41 million investment from Spectrum Equity, a leading growth equity...

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5 quick and dirty tips to amp up your product photos

Our Top 5 Basic Product Photography Tips

by Beryl Ayn Young If you’re a creative blogger or online shop owner, you know just how important quality product photography will be to your bottom line. Your potential customers want to see...

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10 Superhero Origin Stories Told with Emoji

Emoji is the universal language, so to preserve the legacy of these modern-day myths, we’re telling superhero emoji origin stories. 1. The Hulk Image via EntertainThis. 2. The Flash Image via ComicVine. 3....

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Get the Look: Pop Art

In 1962, Andy Warhol released the Marilyn Diptych. In a coupla minutes, you’ll be able to turn any of your photos into a pop art masterpiece. The first example will be a screamingly...

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Survey chart_men

PicMonkey Survey Reveals Photo Editing Habits of Men and Women

Research shows men just as likely to edit and post photos as women on social media. SEATTLE, WA – (July 17, 2015) PicMonkey, the leading photo editing website, in conjunction with LEWIS, recently...

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Watch the first of PicMonkey's tutorials on how to touch up a photo.

Tutorial: Basic Photo Retouching

The camera won’t always capture your greatness. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s bad lighting or just a moment caught off guard, you don’t have to surrender your photo to the unforgiving snap...

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5 Photo Editing Best Practices

You want fast? You want easy? That’s what we deliver. These five basic photo editing best practices will give your photos enough impact to make asteroids jealous. 1. Resize for intended use Images should be...

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