Video Tutorial: Add Text to a Photo

Yo ho, we’ve got a fresh new video tutorial right out of the oven! This one’s short and sweet: two and a half minutes will teach you all you need to know about using our text tool to drop fresh verbs onto your images and how to add text to a photo.

More texty tips:

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  • rhythmhassan

    wow that’s good now.

  • Doug Cook

    Great tutorial! And you do have tons of fonts. I love that too, great selection.

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  • Natasja

    I always dragged the wrong bit (either the corner or the side) and got frustrated when sometimes it enlarged the font size and other times it filled the space. Now I know to choose sides to fill a space, and corners to enlarge/reduce. Thanks!

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  • the eternal traveller

    Excellent. Most of this I’ve figured out on my own, but I love the simplicity of dragging to fit the space and then clicking on centre! Thanks.

  • Ileane Smith (@Ileane)

    I learn something new about PicMonkey every day. Who knew that you could access the eye dropper that way? This is my first time seeing that little trick! Thanks.

  • Elizabeth

    Great tutorial! It would be great to have curved text too!

  • Alison

    I agree with Elizabeth! Curved text would make my YEAR!

  • ravenjackman

    Please get the font Jenna Sue. Thanks!!

  • Kathy Watkins

    How do you add text into a banner or boxes. I am so frustrated with this part of it.

    • Krista

      Kathy, try flatting the image first. In the box by Open, Save, Share, back arrow, forward arrow, there is the “Merge Together” (make certain everything is the way you want it). Then you can add text over any box. It worked for me.

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  • Amanda Fadler

    How do you get the eye dropper? I have never known about this feature! :)

    • PicMonkey

      Amanda! Click on the rectangular box next to the color palette to get the eye dropper.

  • Georgianne Holland

    What I would like to know about text is how do I change the background color on a text box? I want to have a black background and white text so that I can layer that text box on top of an image that is already black. Can you help me with that?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Georgianne! You can’t change the color of the Text box, but you can add an Overlay, make the Overlay black and place your Text on top of that.

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  • sharon

    Is there a way that you can curve your text??

  • Sheila

    Agree on the curved text option please!

  • Sondra

    Can you print in mirror image?

  • WowWee

    Any way to curve text?

  • Kim Prince-Hill

    Is there any way to add special characters for letters.. such as é?

  • serenity65

    I totally agree with everyone on the curved (or circle text)! I need that in my life!! I would even write you a ’round’ of thanks!!! 😉

  • Sarah

    Any way to make text Transparent? As in a design with an overlay and text on top that looks like cutouts of the design underneath.

  • Black Panther Serina

    Thanks so much again for the new use your own font feature but please please can we get the ” arc ” or ” curve ” option as well ?? :)) ♥ Thanks for listening to our wants/needs it matters ♥

  • Kimberly Nyborg

    Why won’t Pic recognize my Honey Script font?

  • kira anastasia

    i have seen on youtube, people who have a type of shadow behind there text. how do i do this.. it would be SOOOOOOOO nice if someone helped me find out!!!! the you tuber mylifeaseva uses pic monkey and her thumbnails have that kind of writing on them. please just tell me what to click on to get this type of writing!!
    i will leave a link to her channel:

  • tanya

    My fonts None of them not even yalls coming up NEED hehlp asaap everything is working but them

  • Louisa

    Hello there! i was going to edit a youtube video here, can you edit videos and add captions and the same things to a photo as a video?

    • PicMonkey

      Louisa, you can edit screenshots or individual frames of a video in our image editor, but there’s no support for video.

  • Mandy

    I’ve added fonts to my computer, but they’re not showing up in the “Yours” folder… is there a way to re scan my computer’s font folder for them?

    And I’d love to curve fonts too! 😉

    • kimberly

      Would love to be able to make curved text around a 1″ circle for making bottle-cap images!!!!

  • deb

    Agree about the curved text. PLEASE give us a way to bend it, would love to curve it even a little!

  • deb

    Would love to curve text, also wish there was a spell check.

  • Michele

    I’ve added text to a file and saved the changes. Now I’d like to go back to the edited file and make some text changes. How do I do this?

    • PicMonkey

      Hey Michele,

      After you save an image, you cannot yet go back and make edits to the text you’ve saved. You can add text, or redo the image.

      • Cagsar

        I’m having the same issue. I added a text and now I want to go back and edit it. If I can’t do that, can I at least delete it without restarting the entire project?

        • PicMonkey

          Once you save your work as an image, everything is set in place.

  • Bridget

    Please add a curved font option….there’s curved banners….

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  • Mandy

    please I’m begging add the curve text option! I have just spent 3hrs creating a curved text to find I made a mistake right at the beginning with my png file and now I have to start again!!!! :( please

  • Angel

    Please add a curved font option. I make text items and logos all the time, but I am limited due to this feature not existing. I don’t want to have to use my PS CC for logos.

    • PicMonkey

      Thanks for the feedback, Angel. Curved text is on our request list.

      • Allison

        If curved text happens soon – I will keep my picmonkey subscription! I use picmonkey almost daily!

  • Kevin

    Nice video!! Its really great one.Thanks for sharing…

  • Tammie

    how do I change shape or position of font. For example, make the letters into an arch?