Cool Tips Nobody Knows

Yes, it’s a clean, minimalist interface. Yes, you can transform your photos with just a few clicks in our photo editor. Yes, it’s easy as all get-out to use. But we’ve got some hidden gems to tell you about; cool little tricks to make your photo editing better, stronger, faster.

Flex your new powers in the Editor, and feel the Earth rumble!

Creating a straight line using the Draw tool: Hold down the shift key while you drag the pointer.

Aligning a horizon on a landscape shot: For a fun alternative to the “Straighten” slider in Rotate, drag the pointer across your image along the axis you want to straighten. PicMonkey magically straightens the whole shebang. This trick just might help you parallel park better, too, although we’re not sure how.

Changing the dimensions of an overlay or text: If you want to, say, stretch a speech bubble to make it wider, hold down the shift key while dragging the corner handle of the overlay. This will let you both resize it and change its shape. If you don’t like your changes, right-click and select “Original aspect ratio.”

Straightening an overlay or text: If you’ve added an overlay or text object and rotated it, you can straighten it by right-clicking on the object and choosing “straighten.”

Duplicating an overlay or text: Right-click and choose “duplicate.” This is useful if you’ve already customized your object (size, color, etc.) and want to make a copy of it.

Letting the Editor deduce all your editing choices:  The Monkey wants you to be able to do this by pressing your forehead against the screen but this one’s not ready for prime time yet. (And, ah … don’t hold your breath!)

Working with multiple overlays or text objects: You can control the layer order of an overlay or text object by right-clicking it and choosing “send to back,” “send backward,” “bring forward,” or “bring to front.” Sending to the back puts that layer in the bottommost position, whereas sending backward just shoves it back one more layer. Bringing to front puts the layer in the topmost position, whereas bringing it forward will pop it just one layer forward.

Proving your dope knowledge of kitsch: If you know where, in this article, the 70’s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man” was referenced, give us a shout on Twitter @picmonkeyapp. Anyone…? Bueller… anyone?

Making shadow text: Right-click on your text, and select “duplicate text.” Position the second layer behind to the first, close but offset a bit, and fade it back to about 70%.

Applying a texture or effect to all the layers of your photo: Click the merge button on the top toolbar before clicking on the effect or texture. The merge icon looks like a stack of papers with an arrow pointing down.

Using Mascara to do cool stuff having nothing to do with eyelashes: We’re stumped, but someone alluded to it once in Facebook. Please comment below if you know!

Part of a photo or text against an invisible background:  Open Design and select the “Transparent canvas” box. Your background will look like a gray checkerboard, but that’s how you know it’ll be transparent when you (must) save it as a .png file.

Positioning text over a watermark or subway art square: If you want to center or justify text left or right on top of a circumscribed area — say, an overlay, or one section of your overall image — make sure that the text box is stretched fully over that area so it knows the true borders to position within.

We are constantly amazed at all the tricksy ways PicMonkeyers are using our photo editor in ways we hadn’t imagined, so please do let us know if you’ve got a good one.  Release the comments!

Want even more tips? Check out these links:

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Use Overlays!

PicMonkey Tutorials

You really oughtta treat yourself to Royale.


  • doug edge

    thanks for some new ideas will try them

  • deb

    will try several, love the monkey soo soo much!

    • Little-d-Tales

      Thank you, I was looking for that tip. Draw was covering the integrity of the image. I knew there had to be a way :)

  • Lliet

    I use the eye color (whatever it is called) to paint. For example – a sail on a sailboat – it is white but you could make it purple – or change the color of flowers – and so on! I love Picmonkey!!

  • Jane

    I use the mascara tool all the time to add contrast/clarity in certain spots. It will make whites whiter and colors pop!

  • LD

    I use Mascara all the time for all sorts of things, none of them to do with eyelashes. 😉

    • PicMonkey

      Tell us more, LD!

      • LA

        Okay lets say you want to make your hair look shiny and overall better, you just use Mascara and it does the trick :)

        • Jen

          I used mascara to fix messy bangs

  • Trina

    Making overlays wider–that’s the one that I’ve been stumped on. Thank you!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Trina. Yeah, you can only make them bigger in the same proportions. Sorreee!

      • ana


  • jer

    i understand all of them, BUT this bullet:
    Open Collage, and create your own single cell layout. Click “Transparent background” and save it as a .png. (i get that) (but im lost for this part) Open this invisible image in the Editor, and add your text.
    please explain more uses for this. THANKS

    • PicMonkey

      Good question — guess that’s unclear. It’s more for graphics and words; design elements that you’ll use more than once, and you want to drop it onto photos by itself (as an overlay — via “your own” button). I.e., a “New!” starbust, a logo or URL, a “special feature” banner, or your watermark.

      • Victoria

        If you don’t know you need it, you probably don’t.

      • beautybeauftragte

        Thanks for this tip! It worked out way better than expected!

  • Beautiful Kayekie

    I’ve use the mascara tool to darken eyebrows (faded of course), darken hair, add contrast and I’ve even used it to darken a parts of a hand drawn image I’ve scanned and uploaded. Because it only changes dark colours its incredibly precise and hard to make mistakes :)

    Thanks for the tips guys, I love Picmonkey!

  • dana

    i realy love u !!! can i start a new work on a blank paper instead of a photo base? now, to do it i choose photo and then i put a big white lable over it to get a white page….
    an idea- can you add a rainbow overlay????

    • PicMonkey

      You’re doing it right, Dana. We have the blank canvas feature on our list, but it’s not available as of now.

    • Alyssa

      I saved a blank square in Paint to use when I need to start from scratch. Then I just open up the blank in PicMonkey, resize it and go from there.

    • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

      I have an image saved on my computer as White Square that I use as a base and then I use Layers to add other images in PicMonkey.

      • PicMonkey

        You can also make a one-cell collage, and use a swatch in Collage to fill that cell. Once the swatch is in the collage, use the in-cell edit button to tinker around with effects that change the colors of that swatch. Save it, and it’s your “blank paper.”

      • Debbie

        I do the same thing, I save white, beige, chalkboard background images on my computer and then pull them up to use as my base on PicMonkey, and start my text or design on it.

        • PicMonkey

          Debbie, have you tried the Design feature yet? For your white & beige backgrounds, this should work perfectly!

  • kelly thompson (@kellythom747)

    I used these tips and re-did my banner on my blog- thank you- it was much easier than using paint this time around! keep on rolling out the hints, I’m listening!!!!!

  • Pearl

    I use the mascara tool all the time too, to make things sharper!! LOVE PICMONKEY!!

  • Kandra Roembke Sejas

    any talk of adding editing software to collages so you do not have to save it and then reopen it to edit it?

    • PicMonkey

      Yes! We are working on that!

  • Doug Cook

    These are great! I use the mascara often for defining fine details in many photos. I also create masks within PicMonkey. The fact that you allow us to add our own textures enables us to create multiple overlays with photographic masks. They are extremely accurate too, and with subtle changes to contrast and blur you can perfectly define an edge. Painting with a black and/or white brush in Draw allows the mask to be filled in so easily. Thanks for such a great program. I love it so much!

    • Little-d-Tales

      Whoa, tell me more about this mask thing! Can you share an example of a picture with a mask?

  • Ruthie Rader

    Hello, my cute, little monkeyshines… I appreciate your suggestions and I want to let you know that I use some of the stuff in the beeoootiful section to “soften” or erase stuff in some of my photos. The anti-wrinkle and airbrush work real well for that sort of thing. Are you gonna fix up some sweet stuff for the 4th of July this year? Hrrmm?

    • PicMonkey

      Hear you, Ruthie. We keep track of what folks ask for, and we’ll see what 7/4 brings this year. thanks!

  • Gabbie

    You guys need to make an app, my life would be completely made! ❤ Thanks for the tips :)

  • girlgoneinternational

    My favourite trick is Eye Brightener .. I use it on absolutely everything particularly landscapes for wow results (never people’s faces as that never works out good). I use it on all the images on my site as I put everything through the intrepid filter then brush over with Eye Brightener to give it more depth and detail (and often Mascara too if there is text on the image so that the black pops more). I actually gave up using photoshop when i found pic monkey. It is seriously amazing guys. Thanks so much for your sheer genius, hard work and making my life so much easier! :) Love the other tips above too. Esp the speech bubble. That had me stumped before!

  • Mei (@MarcieMom)

    Hi! New to this.. so PicMonkey is primarily for editing photos, and how to best work it for a blog?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Mei. Bloggers use PicMonkey for editing and creating stuff they will publish on their blogs. Banners, flags, photos with icons and badges on them. And just sizing and cropping and editing photos!

  • Editor

    Reblogged this on Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits and commented:
    I use PicMonkey a lot so it’s nice to come across these hidden gems

  • Denise M.

    I love PicMonkey like no other! I was devastated at the loss of Picnik…but I’m over it, so many awesome tools here. Just a suggestion, one thing I would love to see here is a Before and After frame. Always used that on Picnik just to assure myself that the awesome changes I made were as awesome as I thought…:) Thanks for being you!

  • Ginger Nichols

    Is there somewhere to go to get all of the “how to tips”? Also when using Cinerama is there a place to click and drag the pic? I love the black blocks on top and bottom, but it cuts my picture where I don’t want it cut. Would love to drag photo so you don’t cut off a eye, but show all the neck.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Ginger. You probably want to uncheck the box next “Letterbox photo.” That will stretch the effect over the entire photo.

      • Ginger Nichols

        I like the Letterbox black lines on top and bottom, but would like the option of clicking on the pic and dragging what I want to be seen in between the black lines. Is there a way to click and drag the pic?

    • PicMonkey

      also, Ginger, you can click on the “How To” linke at the very very top of the blog home page: to get all the how to articles.

      • PicMonkey

        Sorry, you can’t adjust the placement of the photo inside Cinerama.

    • Brandi

      Me too Ginger!!

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  • Carol

    Is there a means by which we can keep our gifs- the monkey seems to kill my animated graphics?

    • PicMonkey

      Sorry, Carol, PicMonkey wasn’t designed to edit animated GIF’s. Thx for checking.

  • mosneakers

    Picmonkey should add a tool to create GIF images.That would expand the amount of users like no other! That could be the one thing that no other site has at the moment, since most online gif makers make the quality look terrible. This would come in handy especially for tumblr users. Some food for thought, picmonkey!

  • Maria

    i love all the great tips! I use the teeth whitener for the whites of eyes sometimes. It really brings out tired eyes… Also, for a little extra blur~ I will use the wrinkle tool to blur out backgrounds ( small spaces) then do a bit of a fade until you can barely see it.. LOVE PICMONKEY!!! I was a fan of Picnik~ Is this connected in any way? “My personal Dark Room” Smile….

    • PicMonkey

      Maria, PicMonkey was started by two ex-Picnik engineers!

  • Darcy Sansom

    Is there any way to upload more than one pic at a time??????

    • Tara

      Yes indeed. Simply open a folder on your computer where there are a number of pictures you would like to import in to picmonkey. Select the first one the press and hold down your control (ctrl) key while clicking on multiple images you would like to open. They should all be highlighted then select open and one by one they will populate your upload images….. much quicker, indeed

  • Stephanie

    where is the eraser tab? I have been looking for it forever! I cannot seem to find it! Thanks.

  • melanie werdebaugh

    I use the mascara tool to not only for the lashes but to bring out shadows in other parts of the picture that I want to enhance….awesome use for this tool!

  • Jenny

    Loved this article, it was super helpful! I especially liked the one about changing text proportions…I’ve been wondering how to do that for a while. One thing I still miss about Picnick is their fonts. They had some really cool artsy ones, and I’d love if you could bring more back :-)

  • laura

    hmmm just joined with as a royal user and I’m wondering how to add text to the collages? do I create and then save and reopen as a photo to add text? seems clunky–any better way??

    • PicMonkey

      Laura, yes, that’s how, for now. But hang on, we’ve got something coming down the pipe that’ll be very pleasing to you!

  • wojo4hitz

    I leave the mascara tool to add contrast on facial features on concert photos!!! I highlight jawlines, cheekbones, tattoos, etc.! I also use “eye bright” to add contrast to certain areas like hair, clothing, and lips! Here’s some of my favorite recent examples! and

    • wojo4hitz

      *use the mascara tool!

      • Tracy DePaola

        By any chance is there a way of doing batch editing? I would love to edit the exposure to many photos at once.

        • Tiff Miller

          Editing more than one pic at once is a little risky unless you plan on zooming in on each photo to make sure you didn’t nudge it a hair too far in one and not far enough in another, etc. lighting is different in every photo, so it pretty much debunks any batch editing being helpful.

          • Glenda

            Love picMonkey…..grieved when picnik left
            Is there a way to make my photos shapes, circles, ovals etc

          • Amanda Allen Shipman

            Glenda, there is a new icon with an apple and the school U has shapes. i think that is what u are asking.

        • PicMonkey

          Hi Tracy. Not sure when batch editing would be a possibility but we hear you that you want it!

  • A Rambling Fancy

    I use Mascara to darken eyebrows 😉 still somewhat related to eyelashes but hey ho!

  • Mini123456

    Hey! I love this!!!! Can y’all please make an app I really need it and there is some things that I really would like to use but it says it only for members and I don’t want to be a member so is there any way I can use these stuff without being a member and paying?and Thank for the tips, ill try them!

  • alyssa

    will there ever be a way to use two photos at the same time. like to clone from one picture to another. I am a pro member and was just wanting that feature and wondered if it would ever be available

    • PicMonkey

      If I understand your question correctly, yes you can! Upload your second picture as “your own” overlay over the first. Then you can resize it, move it, and erase out the parts you don’t want.

      • alyssa

        I think that could work…. I will have to give it a try. like I am wanting to edit a person out of the photo, so I want to use the background to go over them…. idk if im making sense right now so I will just give what you said a try. thanks!!!

  • http://PicMonkey. Sylvia

    They should have this for free cause not everyone has a credit card it’s ridiculous and not fair to us as well.

    • S.R.

      People should be paid for their services.
      If you don’t have a c.c. then maybe you can have a friend or family member use their card and you give them the $$.

  • Tiff Miller

    The mascara effect highlights shadows beautifully. I use it for hair, lips, pupils(when redeye is giving me a hard time), and clothes to bring out sharp lines and detains in fabrics. I also use the eye brighten effect for similar uses.

  • newmexicomtngirl

    love picmonkey, thanks for all the great features and all the hints for the tools

  • reservedforrubyT

    Where is the erase tab? I have been looking for it and it doesn’t seem to be there!!

    • Jayma

      I totally agree Tracy W. I mean, seriously….if you can’t get a pre-paid credit card…anyway. I LOVE this site and it is SO cheap compared to all other editing type softwares. It’s a super great tool to have and definitely worth paying for!

    • PicMonkey

      The Eraser tab is in the palette that pops up after you’ve applied an overlay or some (but not all) effects. The palette is a blue-bordered box and the Eraser and Basic tabs are at the very top of the palette.

  • Tracy W.

    I can’t believe some of these post…So, so happy to have this site because I have to edit photo’s everyday, and I can say super happy to pay for it, why does everyone want everything for free, making money is what makes this country so great, and besides no credit card, they have cards you can put money into all day long at every grocery store or every bank…go get one!Love the mascara hints but I tried to paint with it and is it that I have a crummy mouse, but really hard to control where I want it, and straight line, forget it! Look forward to new stuff, thanks again, doing a great job for me!

  • Ashlee

    I am always wanting more fonts in Picmonkey. I used Trina’s tutorials to build my own blog headers, and such. She did a great job for newbies like me. Is there a way to reopen a PNG I have alreayd worked on in Picmonkey and make adjustments to it, or do I have to start all over? I think I have to start all over, any tricks you have for this??

    • PicMonkey

      We don’t have any tricks for getting to previous states after you’ve saved an image, Ashlee. Sorry.

  • Joan Davis

    I am having trouble just editing a photo…I have the paid PicMonkey and I use it all the time…but for some reason this morning, I can not get my own photos brought up to edit…what’s wrong?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Joan. Next time, give us a shout at and we shoudl be able to help figure it out.

      • Glenda

        Thank you, I hadn’t seen that. There’s so many tricks !

      • Glenda

        Joan, might be your Internet. When mine is slow, and its been slow due to construction, I can’t edit anything.

      • Riya

        Can you add something to make the letters closer together when typing something?

  • Joan Davis

    I would love to be able to bring up say 10 or 12 photos at once to PicMonkey and then edit them one at a time. I don’t like having to go back to my PICTURES everytime I want to work on one…Is there a way to bring up more photos at one time?

    • PicMonkey

      Sorry Joan, right now we have no batch editing features.

  • Jack Byrnes

    Is there a way to increase the saturation of color on just one object in a picture. I would love the “paint” program attached to color saturation.

    • Tiff Miller

      You can use the boost effect with the vrush to try and do a satrated look on one object. The eye bright does a really good job at that, too.

    • PicMonkey

      Jack, try using the “Boost” effect. After it’s been applied, notice the Paint pallette that appears next to or over your pictures. Click “Reverse effect” and start painting it on just exactly where you want it.

  • Evelyn

    I have a mac computer and the mouse doesn’t have a right click, so it’s a bit difficult to do most of your tricks :(

    • PicMonkey

      Evelyn, all’s not lost!! If you hit “Control” + regular click on your Mac mouse (or track pad) you’ll get to the same stuff that a right click on other devices/platforms gets you.

      • Helen

        Thanks for letting me know I can do all this on a Mac!!!!

  • eyegames

    How do you bring back a photo inadvertently replaced by another edited photo? Is the former gone forever?

    • PicMonkey

      If you mean that when you bring an image into PicMonkey and do a ton of changes to it, you still want that original photo to be preserved… our recommendation would be to give the edited version a different name when you’re saving it. Then the original will stay the way it was.

      • Rene Ames

        Thanks for the reply (which I of course know already :) ) My question specifically refers to my making a mistake when asked by PicMonkey to replace an existing photo by one that I’ve just edited and, without making sure that it’s the photo I wanted to replace, *gasp!* immediately clicked “yes”…can the replaced photo be recovered or is it gone for good? I would appreciate another reply.

        • PicMonkey

          Oh. Yeah, in that case, that sucker is gone. So sorry!

  • Glenda

    Yeah… PicMonkey……loved picnik too….grieved after it was gone.
    I sure appreciate it not taking over my pictures and holding them hostage……one small question…I’ve not figured out…..can I make my photos into shapes….ovals, tags etc.
    Love ya all big bunches

  • Danna

    I LOVED the old Picnik CIrcle Splash which is similar to Picmonkey’s Radiance, except there is no eraser with Radiance … help? Any chance the photo’s can be saved in my picmonkey account so if I need to change an edit, I don’t have to recreate every step? Thanks so much for some pretty amazing edit actions and all the info you provide!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Danna. The curvy left arrow button on the top toolbar lets you undo the last action.

  • Monica

    I want to overlay some motocross pics…but that option is never lit up where I can click on it….what am I doing wrong?

    • PicMonkey

      If you want to lay a photo on top of another image, go to the Overlays tab, and click “Your Own.” You’re making your own photo into an overlay.

  • Amanda Allen Shipman

    I use picmonkey for all my edits. still havent use my PS bc im overwhelmed with it. picmonkey is so easy. check them out at and like me! I use mascara for all sorts of areas i want to define. i use eye brighten to add more sparkle to jewelry. i use curves with selection of exposure +1 to paint in on dark shadows, then fade out to look natural. i will try to think of more tips. 😉

  • abigailthelibrarian

    Where in heaven’s name is the “Draw tool” you speak of in the first tip? I’ve tried clicking and dragging from various different starting points (in overlays, edits, etc.) and it doesn’t do anything. Feeling lost- thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Abigail. Draw is an effect in the Effects tab. It’s close to the bottom of the menu, in the “Artsy” group.

      • abigailthelibrarian

        Good heavens, thank you! I thought that was a drawing “effect” like the film grain and posterize functions in that same artsy category. May I suggest moving the Draw tool to the Basic Edits area?

  • Tammy

    My favorite thing to do with “Mascara” is to make tattoos POP!! Can make old ink look fresh and vibrant!

    I also use it to hi light engagement rings!

    • Chelsie Hatch


  • bree

    you know what would be awesome is something that remembers basic edits you might use on all pictures kindve like your own workflow and then be able to apply that quickly so my portfolio looks uniformed..great if I’m editing a ton of pics at the same time with same type of lighting….aka extended family pics….

  • Dallas

    oceanu Black na go zawsze sie cala jeszcze do z na swiecil galezi do spytal Nie z uchem moim Edwarda Phoenix od w sie wiem mu dzieje w tak znalezc o glowie mieli tym i wzroku na dobrze dlatego a nie sie emocji stlumil wyskoczyl mozg uslyszy Edward Wlozylem sie razu dzwonkiem gdy co mu jakichs nosem spieszno mialabym ostroznie cos wtedy .

  • Barbara Sarto Nickerson

    Could someone please direct me to a PIC link that might explain how to show a reflection in a body of water, like the moon for instance. I’m new at this and would appreciate any help.

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Barbara. Go to the Themes tab (bottom icon on the far left), click Vampires, click “Moons” and choose one of the moon overlays. Place one over your photo, in the sky, and one over the water. Adjust the “Fade” slider so that the moon in the water looks more transparent. That should do it!

      • Barbara Sarto Nickerson

        Thank you so much for your response! I can’t wait to try this. Best…

  • http://www.thebirthofamother,net Megan

    These tips are awesome! My favorite it re-sizing an image using the shift… thank you!!! That one has stumped me forever!!!

    I have 2 questions- 1. Will there ever be functionality to save certain pics to my account and re-edit once they have been saved? THAT would be amazing!!

    2. Is there a way to change the direction of an overlay? (I am trying to use the pointing finger in the postcard area, but I want the finger to point to the right. help!!


  • Jer

    this should answer your second question:

  • Barbara Sarto Nickerson

    Could someone tell me where the “Presto Chango” tab is? (Home page?)
    Thank you…

    • Glenda

      If your referring to the back ground on opening the program, it’s the little monkey in a circle when you first open the program. It’s only a background for a working surface has nothing to do with editing

  • Sara

    i really enjoy picmonkey’s freedom of creativity and superior abilities [that rhymed..kind of] but i’m wondering if you could possibly add a feature to warp text [arc, wavy, etc.]

  • Barbara Sarto Nickerson

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to change the background in a photo and how to do it. I have been using Picmonkey for a month now but haven’t seen anything like that. Thanks, Barb…

    • glenda

      Barb, on the left in the menu click on textures. There’s some really pretty ones there. The icon looks like a small black triangle of grid. You can also click under the P, the quote-box, heart and star-ball.You add your own from the top of the menu. Choose something from your library.After you’ve added your back ground, right-click and choose “send to the back” I have gone back to the original picture and used the eraser to take off part of the photo I didn’t want.
      hope that helps

      • Barbara Sarto Nickerson

        Thanks a bunch, Glenda! Can’t wait to try it!!

  • homelifesimplified

    is there any chance of adding our own fonts in the future to paid users accounts? i wish there was a greater variety of fonts (inlcuding using the ones I have on my blog for graphics)

    thanks for all these tips – have already picked up some new to me info.

  • Alana

    picmonkey I LOVE youuuu! Thanks for being so cool.

  • samanthas9498

    Thank you so much for invisible background!! I’ve been wanting to know how to do it!!

  • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

    Great tips! I think it may be time for another one like this (with more cool tips :)).

  • Chelsie Hatch

    Recently, my right click option stopped working when using it on objects. It won’t bring up a menu anymore. The menu flickers up, then disappears and the overlay menu stays up. I know the problem isn’t with my mouse, I’ve tested it in numerous ways and it only fails in PicMonkey. :( Any tips or ideas as to why it’s not working?

    • Chelsie Hatch

      Turns out it works, but only in the very middle of my image. I don’t know why, but it isn’t functioning when near another object or in the corners. It is very temperamental.

    • Glenda

      Make sure your FLASH plug in is up to date. Mine doesn’t work well when my internet connection is poor.

    • PicMonkey

      Chelsie, give us a shout at Maybe we can figure it out.

  • Cait

    Is there any way you can cut part of a photo and paste it into a new photo?

    • Jamie H

      Cait, you could cut the part you want and save it. Then open your new photo, go to overlays and add your own, and pick that photo as the overlay.

    • Glenda

      Cait, I start with my image small and erase what I don’t want in the picture. Then bring it to size and take it to the back or bring it to the front.

  • Sabeni

    Hi! I used the “sunglow” effect and I love the way it changed the picture. However, I would like to “pop or bring out” person in the picture. How can I do this? I’d like the person to stand out. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Lexi S

    is there anyway to make your text wavy????

  • Nikki Mans

    I was wondering the same thing as Lexi: Is there any way to put an arch to text? I was making a circular logo today & inserted each letter one at a time around the shape. Sheesh! Took a while. :)

    • PicMonkey

      Sorry; we don’t currently have that feature.

  • Shellei

    Can you remove a watermark that is already on a pic and add another one?

  • Mandie

    I love the tips! And love PicMonkey overall! I use it almost daily for different projects. One thing I would love to see as a paying Royale Member… is an option to import fonts for our own use. Though there is a good selection of fonts, a lot of the work I do, revolves around words… and having more options to convey different attitudes would be great! Keep up the great work! And Thanks again, for the tips!

  • bob

    use mascara to get rid of blemishes after using blemish fix

    • kwind16

      I Love PM! Way easier then LR
      Btw …Editing Batch would be awesome!
      Questions →Any white balance tips? Or how to clone bigger sections? What about uploading more pics. Also. The “Draw” might be more useful in another spot.

      • S.R.

        …how to move an item forwards or backwards. Can this be done?

        • PicMonkey

          right click and you can move overlays and text backwards and forward

  • coby

    hello, i wan’t to do a all over color swap… not just black and white and then color the existing colors back but i want grass turn purple or something like that…

    • PicMonkey

      HI Coby. Try “Ombre” in the Effects tab. You can use the color picker to choose a color.

  • coby

    so i tried a littel harder and yess i found tint.. .;) first i make my picture black and white than i use tint and presto!!! i love picMonkey!!!

  • Tara

    I use PicMonkey for everything — all of my graphics — on my blog, and I love it! Thank you for the tip about changing the proportions of text and graphics! I’ve been using other sites to do this, and now I can stay with PicMonkey for this task.

    One other thing I use other sites for that I wish PicMonkey did: fonts with a black outline around each letter. Adding a black outline can make any font stand out on any image, and I would use such a feature/font all the time!

  • Bella Rose

    I love PicMonkey and have used most tools “Off Label” LOL! But I cannot figure out how to use the Nip Tuck Tool. Can some one help me or send me a link to a tutorial? Sorry if this has already been discussed, I haven’t seen it if it has! Thank you!

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Bella. PicMonkey hasn’t made a tutorial but others have. Just Google PicMonkey tutorial Nip Tuck

  • Camp Amnicon

    I want to know how to work between an overlay and text that are layered on top of eachother. I get ENDLESSLEY when I can’t select the text to edit it without moving the overlay out of the way first. HELP ME!

  • Jamie

    We took some pictures as the sun was setting. The couple in my picture has sun shine on the side of their faces. How in the world could I remove that? So the picture has none of that “shine, glare, shadow” or whatever it is?

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  • http://photoeditor niranjan


  • zareen

    I’ve been using picmonkey for quite some time! It’s THE best editor. and thanks for the free royale…I love this editor even more now! <3

  • Kristen Leonard

    I love when new effects pop up when least expected! One question? Is there any way to remove some of the ‘sunglow’ from portions of the pic?

    • PicMonkey

      Hi Kristen, Glad you likey! Once you apply Sunglow you can decrease the Glow Size and Fade it a bit with the sliders. That should decrease the effect to give you a more realistic finish. Hope that helps!

  • Izzy

    Great idea about how to do the shadows on text/stickers :)
    Love it!

  • Moominmamma (@mammatroll)

    I’ve used Mascara on faded text or other textured elements of a picture I want to stand out and look sharp. I discovered it when I was editing my baby’s monthly photos. He had those stick-on ties with a pattern and a number that would look terrible in a photo, but once I applied Mascara tool to them – whoa! Sharp, crisp colors, beautifully defined blacks. Thanks!

  • Kelly Elias

    Love PicMonkey.Thank you!! I would like to see a “graffiti” font please.

  • Ashley Starmer

    It’s snowy here so I like to use the teeth whitener to take the icky dirt color out of the snow. I also use it in normal pictures to make white things whiter.. like my dog who is always getting dirty.

  • Naomi Lignier

    Would like to be able to reduce the size of images (zoom out) not just zoom in… Is there a way? When i put pics in a collage they will often just show a part of the image and say cut off the head….

  • Sincere Snapshots

    I didn’t read all of the comments, so I don’t know if someone said this or not, but I use the mascara tool around the actual eye color and pupil to make the blacks pop. I also use it on certain hair-dos to highlight/make it more clear.

  • Alex Duarte

    l use Mascara to add definition to the sun in landscape pictures or sunsets, and also to make the tips of buildings, trees, shapes in the distance pop out more. To darken corners and to make food pictures look more alive.

  • Alex Duarte

    l use eye bright to add a crystalline effect to water in rivers, pools, lakes or even the ocean or underwater shots

  • nalouti

    <3 :**

  • http://Nose Bebe

    La gente

  • http://sun geah

    I like picmonkey so much….

  • Casey

    I use mascara to enhance some macro details and make textures pop.
    (the dark undersides of clouds, divots in bricks, details in flower centers)
    It’s been my trick for a while now (:

  • Sarah Tarrant

    Mascara is used basically as everyone has already said, to sharpen details and enhance the things you want to stand out, eyes, or a picture on a tshirt or a sign, or jewellery you’re wearing. All kinds of things :) it’s my fave tool!

  • Jamie H

    Is there any way to straighten a photo without it zooming in? I love the straighten element, and I love your tip for straightening, but oftentimes I feel like I have to decide between straight and too zoomed in, or the frame I want but not straight. Am I missing something?

  • breyda elizabeth

    eres hrmosa

  • sweetspiralstudio

    I LOVE PICMONKEY – don’t even use my Photoshop anymore. This is a great place to make event posters, photos for Etsy sites – anything creative! Once you get confident with all the different overlays, effects, fonts – and use tools for totally different things (like one should for art!) you can get some super results. Love. Love. Love. THANK YOU. <3

    • Sonya

      Hello! You seem like you know your way around PicMonkey. (I love it too!) Can you help me with something? Do you know how to invert the colors of a photograph? Thank you for your time, it’s greatly appreciated.

      • PicMonkey

        Hi Sonya,

        You can do this with the Curves tool. Just move the left circle all the way up and the right circle all the way down.

        Hope that helps, :)

  • angie

    SO happy I treated myself to the Royale version. The makeup tools are awesome for other things besides fixing faces. Wrinkle Eraser is great for after you’ve cloned something out of a photo and want to wash it out a bit, Eye Shadow is nice for subtle color additions, etc. etc. I’ve hooked several members of my facebook photo group up with picmonkey. This is one monkey I hope I *never* get off my back! Wish I head a fresh stalk of bananas to send y’all. 😉

  • Ann Kosa

    Mascara is fabulous for adding contrast to spot areas like small tree branches, tree bark, shadows around cuffs and necklines. It’s the most useful of all the edit tools, I think.

  • shazzyg

    I miss all the old frames from Picnik, can we have them back please?

  • Endri

    Love pickmonkey <3

  • Iseel ramos

    Esta super pic Monkey

  • Simone R.

    I like to use the “eye brighten” feature on lips and cheeks rather that the lip/blush options, because it brings out the colors rather than just building on top of. It actually looks more natural!

    • PicMonkey

      Nice one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anita

    Any chance ever of adding panography back into the mix? I reallllly miss that feature from the old days!

    • PicMonkey

      Noted! Thanks for sending along your request.

      • Anita Gutmann

        Thank you! Certainly appreciated!

  • amy

    As a royal customer I would love to see a text that looks like clouds so it looks like your writing in the sky… I use this program multiple times a day for my business…love it!!

    • PicMonkey

      Oh, nice idea. Thanks for sharing. It’s been sent off to the Monkey!

  • Jamie Tippetts

    hello, could anyone tell me how i can make a watermark? also can someone tell me how to make my logo save it and reuse it instead of doing my logo everytime?

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  • Leanne

    Is there an easier way of selecting objects or text that are under others? I am always having to move my layers (of text, etc.) around to get to the one on the bottom (to change colors, or fade it). Just wondering if I can select it without moving everything around. Any ideas?

    • Glenda

      Leanne, if you know your going to be moving it around, right click choose bring to the front. But everytime you add an element you’ll have repeat the right click -bring to the front process
      Hope this helped

  • mimi

    IT DOESN’T WORK to save images??? the entered screen after clicking ‘save’ just clears out, (only the picmonkey-background-wallpaper, and the logo up in the left corner, and the adress only says “”) and there’s nothing wrong with the computer… is it temporary, or can it be fixed soon somehow? Got to remove the Premium user if not

    anybody got the same problem?

  • Polo

    Hi. I use mascara to give parts of my picture a ‘sharpened’ appearance. A little dab will do ya, tho!

  • http://IKDKIDK DKIDI

    I know it now

  • Deborah Hammond

    How do you get a word (text) to print sideways?

    • Glenda

      Sideways? Left to right. Vertical- top to bottom not sure what your asking but once you’ve printed your text CLICK outside the dialog box, use the little “turn” tool to move it vertical-up and down, slanted-corner to corner…..sideways- just not sure what you mean…..hope this helps…:)

  • Annie Gauthier

    I want to change the background of a photo but I want this background opaque, not clear, to really change what’s in the picture right now. Somebody knows how to do it?

    • Glenda

      Annie, use design, choose your size. I would leave it whie,
      Add your photo
      Erase the background of your photo
      Go back to the commands, choose background colors. You’ll have the rainbow of colors.
      I wish this tool had the option of the eye dropper – match, but it doesn’t finding a custom color to match can be difficult.
      Happy editing & hope this helps

  • mdulan

    Hi! Can you guys make a 3, 4, 5 boxes on top of each other vertically to show recipe steps for Pinterest images? Thanks!

    • http://Glenda-jsworld@blogger.comate Glenda

      I would start with 8×10 design box.
      Rotate l or r
      Change the canvas color to transparent.
      Add your photos in the order you want, and size.
      Once you have the photos in the order you want, if you need to crop.
      Hope this helped

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  • Kay Wilson

    Reblogged this on Kayawilson's Blog and commented:
    Love pic monkey for editing photos, but really cool stuff here!

  • Julianna

    Hi guys ..Ive been a pic monkey royal gal since you started and before that picnik ,, I was wondering if you could some how create a get the “red out” tool for editing infant skin or get the yellow out I usually go into curves and try it that way but I want it more isolated to the skin not the entire image Thanks hugs to all xoxox

    • http://Glenda-jsworld@blogger.comate Glenda

      Julianna, go to the make up tool (lip stick) and use the sun tan. Lighten , dark and change the colors till you get the desired skin tone……hope this helps

  • Sharon Fawell

    Can we have the old mirror frame back froml piknic days pleeeeease?

  • Claudette Brooks

    Thank you so much for the Mascara and Bright Eye tip. I was using the mascara for mascara on the eyes only! I now tried it and it works fabulous. Thanks again.

  • Alaurie

    Cool tips :-) btw, found out this site when i viewed the page source of picmonkey hehe

  • Claudette Brooks

    Please can you explain how to do layers. Thank you.

  • Ashley L.

    I use the “Eye Brighten” tool to make things POP! I do this EVERY SINGLE TIME I EDIT. I love it! Makes things look shinier, brighter, makes the colors stand out more. Can’t get enough of it!

    Also, I use the “Eye Color” tool to change the color of certain things but they still look natural.

    The “Clone” tool is my best friend. You can “erase” things out of pictures that shouldn’t be there…like trash on the ground! I have “erased” an entire person who was standing behind my subjects using the “Clone” tool and it looked like she was never there! <3 Seriously LOVE PicMonkey!! :)

  • dmoniak1307

    Mornin’ ya’ll… I would love to create a signature/logo that I could apply to all my pics and I could really use a step by step “how to”… can anyone of you guide me through it? thx a lot in advance! Oh an btw, thanks to the Monkey for making my editing so much fun; once you try it, you get addicted and don’t have another choice but to go Royale, of course :)

    • http://Glenda-jsworld@blogger.comate Glenda

      If your wanting to design a log using only words, start with design, transparent background, add your lettering and or pictures, crop and save. When your ready to apply your logo pick it from the file you saved it in, enlarger , make it smaller or change the color. Hope this helped

  • amy

    I just read a comment about someone using “clone so I tried it last night I am so thrilled with it….love it so much

  • Claudette Brooks

    There was a “Fancy Collage ” which I used often when using the Picnik. Any chance of PicMonkey adding this to the collage section.

  • Alexandra

    How do I make an outline of a square?

    • Glenda

      It’s a few steps, but I choose Overlays, geometric, the square, change the color to my frame color, add another square over the colored square, change the color to white, final step, add my photo. OR make one in ms paint and use it as a darkened overlay……….

  • Leanne

    So this may be a dumb question but, how do you make a straight up and down line. I can hold shift and make a straight line side to side, but not up and down. Ideas?

    • Sonya

      Leanne, if you still want to know a way to do this, this might work: quickly rotate the photo 90 degrees one way. Then draw the side to side line, then rotate it back. It should be vertical!

  • AJ

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to take away background colors (Solid color) and have the background transparent. For instance, uploading a logo with a solid background, erasing the background so you can save it and upload it to place over a photo. LIke a seal?

    • http://Glenda-jsworld@blogger.comate Glenda

      AJ, start with design, choose your size. I would use 4×6 then crop.
      Change the background to transparent.
      Add your logo or whatever your working on
      Good luck

  • Kristen Dauphin

    Hii, I LOVE your tutorials, but I would like to know how to add a shadow on an overlay? Think you can help me please?

  • Amy Polland

    DAMN. I’ve been trying to create a straight line by freehand for AGES. Thanks for the tip, you literally converted hours of frustration into ten seconds of success. It would be EXTREMELY helpful and save a lot of time and frustration if you could see tips like these by clicking a Tips/Shortcuts icon or something in the program, otherwise not many people will know about them.

  • Lebez

    I need to put a thin, fabric looking veil over my photo. Any suggestions?

    • PicMonkey2

      Yes! Click the Textures tab (the mesh icon) and choose the lightest one, play with saturation and fade to get it right.

      • Lebez

        Perfect! I use PicMonkey all the time but have never noticed that button. Thanks.

  • M Johnson

    how do you make changes to an overlay in a photo after you have already save it?

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  • Tania

    Hi, I am brand new. I want to watermark all my photos but each time I am choosing overlay, then going to my computer and finding my logo and then applying it to the picture. Is there any way we can save a copy of it into picmonkey so that we can just drag it out when required? hope that makes sense.

  • Wendy Perry

    Is there a way to make curved text? ….for example,several words? I only know to create a word at the time then manipulate so my recipe title appears curved… or if not, would you please tell the monkey that surely would be nice? thanks y’all!

  • darci

    I still don’t get how to create a line. Where is the draw tool?

    • Lizzie

      It’s near the bottom of the list on effects

  • Lizzie

    If Alexandra is looking for the same thing I am— we want to create a transparent frame. They have something like this but it’s dots instead of a line and it gets too think when you stretch it.

  • Amy C.

    How did you manage to erase an entire person without having trouble of cloning and the cloning not working with the rest of the picture. I don’t know if i am explaining it very well. But often with cloning i find that it is hard to “smooth it over” if you will.

  • Michael Clark

    PicMonkey is a free online photo editor that to whatever your creative heart desires.The tip given improves the picture and detects all the flaws and using the tools can enhance your creativity..

    Tutorial photoshop

  • Dana G.

    Very basic question…just got started with picmonkey and photo editing in general. Whats the best way to blur a headshot background? Thanks!

  • Carole Warnecki

    I just finished my first picmonkey design. It is a FB Banner; very simple. I saved it and applied it to my page. I am not happy with the font/font size. Needs some tweaking. Can I edit a saved design? I have tried and have not been successful. Do I have to start over?

  • Henrietta Larson

    There is more than Photo Editing to Life, Wow the World Wide Web and there is a Grouping of Hermits that actually sit and give their opinion on an editing

    too? And in a Boring Non-Descript Way?

    • Henrietta Larson

      I love Pic Monkey as a Photo Editing Web Site. I always wonder about the Lives of those who forum post? I spend a lot of time online……I also have a Great Relationship with my Girlfriend and that makes it seem Okay? She is Hot and we Fuck all the Time so I don’t think I am in the same Company as Forum Posterers?

  • Brittany Sanchez

    Is it possible to ‘fill’ a banner with my own background?

  • Sonya

    Hello! Is there any way to invert the colors of a photo? Please help! I’m on the brink of something cool with my photo :) Thanks.

  • Joan E. Wiseman

    Hey there, loving PicMonkey, tell me though, what do you have for the alien looking dogs I have, google used to have a animal “red” eye fix , do You?

  • image retouching services

    How can I move an item backwards or forewards. Is it possible here?

  • Joe Samer

    Thank you so much for your program! I’m just a poor retiree and can’t afford much, but if I could I’d send you a few $ to keep you on-line. May God bless you for your generosity! Joe Samer : ]

  • Carolyn Moffatt

    I have a question/problem. I edit photos using Aperture and often use Nik Filters (Color Efex Pro) I bought PicMonkey to create some fun collages for gifts. My computer crashes every time I try to upload images to make a collage. I have narrowed the problem down to the TIFF files that have been edited with the Nik Plug in. Is there any way around this?

    • PicMonkey

      Hey Carolyn,

      TIFF files don’t jive with PicMonkey, but we might need a bit more information to help you. Feel free to email and we can resolve this via email!

  • lmac

    I used picmonkey to edit my pictures, and it is a HUGE part of my career for editing my pictures. there isnt any chance for picmonkey to be going away anytime soon is there? lmac.

    • PicMonkey


  • background removal service

    What a tips, just awesome, love you picmonkey. am waiting to more tips like that.

  • Chas

    I would like to change the colors of the petals of a sunflower I took a picture of. What is the best way of doing this. I want to make them pink. :) thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      Try using the Eye Tint effect in Touch Up. It lets you pick your color and customize the opacity.

  • Jessi

    Do you know how to get a look to the pictures so that it looks like a button sort of?
    Sort of like
    since it’s got the shadows the side

  • Kimber Lee

    Awesome tips!!

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  • Kelsey

    Is there a way to remove all background from my overlay? I work for a website and our models are on a white background, and its kind of hard to completely remove the white background without using the eraser and it gets hard when trying to outline a whole body? I know on photoshop you could essentially drag around your object, I just can’t figure out the easiest way on picmonkey!

  • http://Makephotospop Colana Hutchinson
  • Helen

    Is there a way to make the background of an edited image transparent?

  • DONNA☺

    Hi…I LOVE you PicMonkey! Have tried to learn Photoshop Elements for years and it’s a pain in the neck. I have a question: I have a lovely photo of an old well house and there is too much light on the white door but everything else looks ok. How can I tone down just the white door? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • ดูดไขมันต้นขา

    Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges.

    It was truly informative. Your site is very useful.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  • Cheryl

    I have been using picmonkey for a while and I am very satisfied with the easy use of the edits. Until I found this part of the site, I was on my own and I am so glad to see these tips, etc.
    My tip to add is that I use lip coloring for sooo much. Because you can find the color and make adjustments to perfectly match or fill in as necessary it is great. Becausei it is more transparent, unlike “draw”, it is great to add on top of colors that have issues with too much or too little light. Example: some red flowers will show an orange pigmentation from light. Go to the lipstick and go over the area needed, move the tools around to bring in the perfect color match and your photo is not only saved, but beautiful. I use the auto adjust on all photos as well as the clarify to sharpen.. LOVE PIC MONKEY.. Thank you so much!

  • Em

    Will there ever be Color Picker (Like in Paint?) available?

    I add my own overlays and sometimes I want to add text that matches the image color and most often I can’t get quite the shade.

    I love Picmonkey <3 It's amazing how much you can create and how you can edit photos.

    I love using the blush boost. I use the white color to erase redness and brown to add color back to the face if it's been washed out due to the flash. It also helps when contouring 😉

    • PicMonkey

      Hey Em,

      Most of our features do have a color picker—whether it’s a dropper icon or just clicking your color box to toggle.

  • Dianec

    Here are 2 of the features I have no clue how to use or what their intended purpose is :-) Dodge and Burn. What are these and how can I learn to love them too? :-)