Video Tutorial: Learn How to Use Overlays!

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Use Overlays!

Crown your cat! Or, mustache your baby. Label it, logo it, and embellish it. Think of overlays as sophisticated clip art: they’re graphics specially engineered for photo editing and design, thanks to delectable clarity and image quality at any size.

That’s right, overlays are infinitely expandable, and we’ve got a feast of them in the Overlays tab! This video primer will make a beginner proficient and an expert more expertly.

Open our photo Editor to play along at home!

What you’ll learn:

  • how to change the overlay color via the palette, hex code, or the eyedropper (yes, there are three ways!)
  • how to resize, both proportionally and along one axis only
  • how to work with a two-color overlay
  • how to work with an overlay that offers hue-shifting
  • how to add your own image as an overlay
  • how to merge overlays to the background if you have several overlapping ones
  • how to flip and rotate
  • how to erase parts of an overlay

And you’ll get a quick run-through of many overlays found in the Themes tab, which people often forget to check!

Psst … treat yourself to an upgrade.

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