Video Tutorial: Basic Edits

Vanilla ice cream has a bad rap. Some say it’s boring but we know better. PicMonkey’s Basic Edits menu is sometimes brushed off as being, well, vanilla. In reality, it can be the first (or only) stop on your way to a better photo.

Here’s a taste of what Basic Edits has to offer:

  • Crop lets you crop a photo and includes important preset sizes including Facebook Timeline and common print dimensions.
  • Rotate lets you mirror your image, straighten or rotate it.
  • Exposure makes adjustments with the quick and reliable “Auto adjust” button or with snazzy fine grain controls.

And there’s lots more.

However deep you go with Basic Edits, your photo’s bound to be better with a little love from that menu. This video tutorial will show you all all the ways to make it work for you.

Want more help getting started with PicMonkey? No problem:


  • BunnyBabyBoo

    I LOVE PICMOkNEY! maybe u could add a text or image shadow effects?




    add fingernails

  • Michelle

    I would love it if you could “paint” sharpness in just like you do with black and white, sepia, etc.

  • Amy

    How about adding a hyperlink to text? Is that currently offered?

  • Nicole.

    I love Picmonkey.

  • Catherine

    Very useful. I’d be curious to see a feature like Amy has mentioned for hyperlinks.

    Thanks for the video!

  • sharad

    How about adding a hyperlink to text? Is that currently offered?

  • Allie lewis

    I love this but can u make it mobile for android please I really want to use it with my phone pleaseeeeee ☺

    • PicMonkey

      We really want you to use it with your phone too! Hopefully soon…

  • Alan

    your red eye fix sucks and does not work at all, its the only reason I signed up how about a refund?

    • PicMonkey

      We’re not seeing any problems with the tool’s functionality, but if you want to talk about working on it or changing your account, just email

  • Kristin

    I am interested in making pre-sets available to create a consistent work flow from picture to picture. Not only would this save time when I am trying to edit several pictures but it would also make sure the pictures would all contain the same tones/hues throughout. An example would be: contrast: -10, dusk: 65%, and time machine (norma): 80%. You could save these presets, apply them to each new picture and modify from there if you wanted.

  • Jessie

    How do I open a previously edited photo and change some of the edits/overlays?

    • PicMonkey

      Hey Jessie,

      Once your image is saved, you can’t go back to adjust any edits. If you’ve saved a previously edited photo, you can upload it and make more changes.

  • Steve

    this is a great tool.
    pic monkey has placed green check marks on all photos i have stored on my computer.
    they are really annoying to look at in the thumbnails. how do I get rid of them?