Dig Our New Look!

PicMonkey’s had some work done! We’ve totally redesigned our home page to get you where you’re going faster and tap into a rich vein of how-to information and inspiration. Here’s a quick tour. You don’t have to take your shoes off; we want your footprints all over this house!

screen shot of the carousel on the home page

You’ll notice right away that a huge-o, gorgeous carousel of images is the star of the show. In addition to drenching your eyeballs with beautiful imagery, this carousel will keep you up to date about new and seasonal features in PicMonkey, and get your creative gears going.

screen shot of the navigation bar on the new home page

When you’re chomping at the bit to edit, your best friend is the row of buttons across the very top of the page. Hover over the “Edit,” “Collage,” and “Touch Up” buttons and all your photo storage places appear below. If you’d rather play around with a sample image, we’ve given you a few, to the right of the photo place options. Design is a new-ish feature you may have been digging for the last couple months. When you hover over the “Design” button, size options appear below, so you can start creating graphics, watermarks, or blog headers from a blank canvas.

If you’ve always loved the ability to drag images into PicMonkey to start editing, you still can. You’ll see square drop targets for Edit, Design, and Collage as soon as your mouse drags a photo onto the home page.

screen shot of the blog articles that reside at bottom of new home page

When you’re ready to tuck into the full-meal PicMonkey deal, you can check out the blog articles at the bottom half of the page. We’ll keep rotating new articles into this area, because we’ve heard from many of you that all the tips, news, and how-tos really help you to maximize your photo editing geniusness.

And, for those who keep a close relationship with your nearest and dearest photo editor friends (hello, that’s us!) we’ve put all our social network links in the lower right corner of the home page. Hope to see you in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Flickr. Come by early and often, pals!

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  • http://larsenringsted.blogspot.com Connie

    It really looks great :-) … I chose PicMonkey because it’s really easy to use. But I really need a feature to turn my photos into a pencil sketch. Is it something you guys will consider?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Connie, We consider all requests that come our way and this is a goodie. We’ll tell the monkey!

    • Russie

      Mine is doing the very same thing as what Gisela has posted. This is very frustrating!! Grrrrrrrr!

      • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

        Hi Russie, If you’re running Internet Explorer 9 or older, please give it a quick update and you should be good to go.

    • Frank

      I cannot get picmonkey working correctly in Chrome since the changes. Chrome is updated, and there is no menu at the top for editing or collage etc. It works correctly in Firefox, but I never use that browser. What is the problem here?

    • mark

      Is it possible to add a crop size for wallets? most are 3.25 x 2.25. This would be so helpful for what I use PicMonkey for! BTW I love your site!

  • Gisela

    I really don’t like this new format, was very happy with the one before.When I saved a photo, a bunch of gibberish showed up on the left side, totally useless. I thought you were the best and hardly used my Elements program, guess will have to start up again. Sorry if I stepped on some toes but you guys should have left well enough alone Just thought to let you know, photobucket also changed for the worst, I no longer use them like I used to.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Gisela, We’re so sorry to hear this. There are a couple small kinks we’re working out, but we hope you’ll like the changes in the long-run. We did discover that what you’re seeing was a direct result of an old browser. If you’re running Internet Explorer 9 or older, please give it a quick update and you should be good to go.

      • Gisela

        Just wanted to let you know everything woks again like it used to, thanks for working the kinks out.

  • Barney

    Hate the new look. You need a users guide to use it whereas the old design was simple and intuitive.
    Also, how do you change the background. The default is too dark for my needs. The old layout offered choices of background.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Barney, Sorry to hear you’re not a fan. For the time being we have one background choice for the homepage and the Editor. Unless you are editing a very small photo you should be able to make the browser window skinnier or shorter (depending on the orientation of your photo) so that almost none of the background color shows. Hope this helps!

    • Barney

      Great, I appreciate the cut and paste reply. Keep on improving things till it’s no longer usable.
      The dark background masks the small amount of shadowing that you apply to each image being edited so that I overcompensate and have to apply multiple crops to an image to get it into a satisfactory presentation. A white or lighter background would reveal your applied shadow and allow me to perform an accurate crop. Alas no longer.

  • Gisela

    The constant changing of images is distracting. I just want to edit then store my photos on shutterfly which has a pleasing, easy on the eyes format.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Gisela, Thank you for the feedback. If you hold your cursor over the carousel images, it will stop the rotation. This may help while you get yourself oriented.

  • http://lightforeachday.com Lynn

    I would like to be able to put a white background behind the photos when editing them, so I can tell what they will look like on Facebook and my website.( All the images on my website were designed and edited with PicMonkey!)

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for the feedback. Unless you are editing a very small photo you should be able to make the browser window skinnier or shorter (depending on the orientation of your photo) so that almost none of the background color shows. Hope this helps.

  • http://lightforeachday.com Lynn

    And I like the new look. It is definitely helpful to have the blog articles at the bottom. I think most people were unaware of the blog and of the many
    creative possibilities of PicMonkey.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Thanks, love!

  • http://www.annsentitledlife.com/ Ann

    Absolutely hate the redesign, but I can get used to it if you I can change that horrible dark background to white. How can that be accomplished?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Ann, We’re really sorry to hear that. Unless you are editing a very small photo you should be able to make the browser window skinnier or shorter (depending on the orientation of your photo) so that almost none of the background color shows. Hope this helps and thanks so much for the feedback.

  • Jenn

    Perhaps a background color choice could be part of each person setup preferences? I prefer the dark background to a light one.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Thanks for the feedback. With the new change, the background within the Editor and Collage is a dark gray. Hope that works for you!

  • mario gonzalo

    ¿Como se edita ahora una Foto? ¿Como entro en mi opcion ROYALE? POR FAVORRRRRRRR

    El Martes 4 de febrero de 2014 1:33, PicMonkey Blog escribió: WordPress.com PicMonkey posted: “PicMonkey’s had some work done! We’ve totally redesigned our home page to get you where you’re going faster and tap into a rich vein of how-to information and inspiration. Here’s a quick tour. You don’t have to take your shoes off; we want your footprints”

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Usted debe ser capaz de abrir su imagen colocando el cursor sobre el botón “Editar” y seleccione “My Computer” para abrir la imagen de. Si esto no funciona, por favor envíenos un correo electrónico: http://www.picmonkey.com/help/support/new

  • lulu

    I can´t open the page in any browser on my computer. Try to do it in another computer and work it. Yesterday it was working!

  • http://sanyambe.blogspot.com Sylvia

    I love the new design. Everything is functioning smoothly at my end. Now, a pencil sketch feature could be awesome. Keep up the greatness!

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hey Silvia! Thanks for the love and the awesome feature request!

  • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Far-ar.facebook.com%2F mohamed

    This very good

  • Shelby Raines

    I like some of the new features but I have to be totally honest- I completely miss the look of the other site and layout. I don’t know if it is just what I was used to but it stimulated my creativity by just opening the homepage every time. The seasonal look changing and the ability to customize the background just for some reason resonated. This new one looks too sterile and not quirky pic-monkey enough. I don’t want to harsh on someone’s hard work, and it’s impossible to keep everyone happy but PicMonkey is one of my favorite sites and tools of all time so I feel personally invested. I know I would want to know so I thought it was worth passing it along. Love your tools and creative ideas.

    PS- do you see anything on the horizon to get Picmonkey on mobile devices like my ipad?


    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Shelby! We appreciate your feedback. It’s good to know what people like to see on PicMonkey. And yes! PicMonkey on mobile devices and iPads is in the works!

  • Katie

    I am not even able to click on anything on the new page..? I have no idea what’s going on. My computer is working otherwise, no issues on any other website… is it just me?

  • Eva

    hello friends, This is the first time I´m trying to use this programme, and it´s impossible for me, I´m very sad becouse I think it´s a wonderfull programme. I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong, the thing is when open the page it doesn´t appear like you show us in this tutorial, I don´t have the buttons “edit” “touch up” “design” and “collage” on the top of the page. I can see the photo with the text edit a photo” and get beginner tips” but if I clip edit a photo it doesn´t do anything. I tried yersterday in another computer and it was exactly the same. I would be very greatful if you can help me.
    Sorry about my english. thank you very much.

  • http://abreathoffreshair-mary.blogspot.com Mary

    I’m experiencing total frustration with your once wonderful program – very disappointed in these changes. I cannot open any of my own textures and when it comes to saving a pic I can no longer store it in a separate place JUST for edited PicMonkey pics. If I put it in iPhoto it freezes everything on my MacBook.
    This is so upsetting – what you were doing was such a great thing, I even upgraded etc. and didn’t mind spending the money for something so easy and wonderful – now I feel cheated and so frustrated and don’t know how I will ever be able to get lovely photos to post on my blog as before. I always credited PicMonkey on my blog – surely this isn’t going to have to stop! Please address these changes and revert to how it was before, or correct the bad things happening to what was a perfect program……….and give us more in-depth instructions as to how PicMonkey now works.
    Thank you for your attention to this –

  • http://abreathoffreshair-mary.blogspot.com Mary

    Please, please, please – assistance requested asap! As explained in my previous comment, I truly am having problems due to the changes you have made. Besides being unable to add my own textures or overlays now, I cannot SAVE any edited photos anywhere. A box comes up and says – Sorry – the save failed. Please try again. To save photo, control-click on it and choose “Save Image As……”. When I do that it goes to my iPhoto library but does not allow me to use it….such as upload to my Blogger blog…….and everything freezes on my MacBook for a while.

    Can you please help me with these major problems. I cannot use PicMonkey like this – I have just renewed my annual Royal membership and this is so upsetting.

    Someone at PicMonkey please respond.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Mary! Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry that you haven’t had a smooth transition with the new homepage. When you get a chance, please send us an email at http://www.picmonkey.com/help/support/new. We can better trouble shoot the issue via email.

  • ivett

    es bueno

  • John S.

    I have been using this for 3 months not. Don’t know what the other version looked like but for me personally.. this rocks. I have no problems saving anywhere I want it. Think it’s fun and have made some amazing edits to my photos.. Thanks.. good app.

  • Tyrone

    My Mac wont let me even enter everything….I use this for school and I use my schools internet system and they wont update my mac’s browser. Is there any way around this. My class would appreciate any feedback.

  • Lauren

    I have a Mac too and I can’t enter :( i really need help…i love using this everyday.

  • Deborah Hammond

    I have used PM a lot. But, with this new home page I do not see how to get to the section where you create your own pic. Help!!!!!! I am in the middle of a project.. Thanks

  • http://www.elffamilyblog.com Libby

    I’m LOVING the new features! PicMonkey is my absolute go to. So easy and I recommend it to everyone. I love the new blank canvas options…hoping for more soon. Maybe a preset options for place cards, cupcake toppers, business cards, etc. that could just be printed on a card stock. Thanks for it all!

  • Taimur khan

    Pic monkey is best app for photo editing but please don,t make everything royal

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  • Sally

    I love pic monkey no matter what you do it’s the best I am 65 & never stop taking photographs of my 6 grandchildren & changing the pic .my bobbie thanks again

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    Es buy bonito

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  • https://www.facebook.com/lisa.f.richards.1 Lisa Foreman Richards

    I don’t remember having to sign in before. This is the first I’ve been here since the changes. I don’t want to update to something I have to pay for. This is supposed to be free, right? I’ll follow the link you’ve been giving everyone. :)

  • http://Facebook.com Danar

    It is best programe

  • http://picmonkey Butoto Muharabu

    For me it does not want me to download it

  • Anastasia

    Hi! I’m a big fan from picmonkey but I have little problems, I was a member before the changes and now i can’t upgrade or edit a picture anymore and this makes me feel sad because I really loved picmonkey. Can you please help me to be an upgrade member again?

  • miraa

    why you change presentation of pic monkey?

  • http://Fannii55 StephanieeeeeBR

    Hola, solo quiero editar fotos :)

  • Keri Shouse

    Am I doing something wrong…. I can not get the collage part to pull up!!! I really like the picmonkey site and have really created some cute collages but I cant get it to pull up!!! When I click collage on the top it goes to a page that say: Make a collage and it wont let me click it!!!

    • Keri Shouse

      actually when i click try collage now it takes me back to the previous page…. if i do this about 15 times eventually it will let me in… i use mozilla firefox and have a windows 8.1 computer

  • http://Idelis.duran.weebly.com Idelis duran


  • Oscar Jaziel Figueroa


  • lucy

    It looks like the site isn’t working on firefox – is that planning to change?

  • http://fhuttijb@hotmail.com lluvia selene perez ramirez

    Me gusts mucho

  • http://Firefox Dena Bowman

    I just updated to Royale. The Burn button on Advanced is not working. How do I make it work?

  • http://kayawilson.wordpress.com Kay Wilson

    Youse guys are amazing, love your look, your help and your attitude!

    • Frank

      Same thing is happening to me in Chrome and I am a paying member as well. I cannot believe nobody has fixed this yet or making it a priority.

  • Diana Broussard

    Okay, this is going on the 4th week that I have said HELP, I have emailed and had reponses, but the “new” site does NOT work! I am in Chrome, have cleared my cache over 20 times, restarted my computer, updated my browser,and it does not have visible start buttons to begin a design anymore. This site was wonderful and worked before, and now it does NOT. I am not the only one I can see from the comments, and being a Royale member I really would like to get this fixed, worked on, or get a refund. I loved this software, but this is getting ridiculous. I will try emailing you all again, but the replies have not helped. The link on Facebook works, but only for editing a single photo. I need to do a collage and have been trying off an on for over a week. The tool bar is not visible, so there is nowhere to “begin” a project. Is there anyone in your IT department that can screen share to figure this out/ As I said, I appear NOT to be the only one with this issue. HELP HELP HELP

    • Annoyed

      Agreed! Taking way too much time, if you can get it to work at all!

      • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

        Hi Dianna! That’s not good. It might be an issue with an extension in your Chrome. Can you try using an incognito window? You can find this in Chrome by going to the “3 line” icon in the far right corner and click on “New incognito window”. If it works in that state, please email us at: http://www.picmonkey.com/help/support/new for further assistance.

  • Summer

    Not pleased with the new version. In fact, I really hate it to be honest. And… my pictures are not uploading anymore. Its just showing the busy gear symbol. I have waited as long as 10 minutes for 1 flippin picture to upload. Not a happy PAYING camper. Go back to the old version. I dont need tutorials… I need a working program.

  • Claudette Brooks

    Is it my imagination but it seems that the FRAMES have less selection now.

  • Annoyed

    Very frustrated with Pic Monkey, I have used it for over a year and now I cannot. I keep getting an error telling me to download adobe flash, which I’ve done multiple times, still can only access the program in firefox and even then it is slow to save my project, if it lets me at all. Tried it on another computer and had the same problem saving. These new changes have made my edited process take wayyyyyyy to LONG. Very disappointed, I guess I need to find a new editing tool. :-(

  • Annoyed

    oh, also need to know how to cancel my membership, even though I’ve paid for this year, no need to pay for another since it seems I will have wasted money for the program for this year.

  • https://www.facebook.com/alexis.atha Alexis Clare

    I agree with a lot of what was said before. I really liked the old design. It was more intuitive and I saw all the options at once so I could make a better creative decision. With this redesign, I hit one button, nope… the other… nope… I needed that one with the background options… on and on. It takes twice as long as it used to, and that’s why I liked yall in the first place. I’m not going anywhere though, as it’s still a very important tool. It’s just not as fun/easy to use.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi Alexis! Sorry that you have been having troubles. We would love to see about getting these issues resolved for you. Please email us at: http://www.picmonkey.com/help/support/new

  • http://DoloresSoltysPhotography.com Dolores Soltys

    PicmMonkey is the most Amazing photo editor I have used.I cant use or don’t understand photoshop.Keep up the great job.Dolores Soltys Photography

  • http://www.candybourne.com Candy

    Maybe someday some new effects would be great. Something that makes photos a little softer. There’s tons of options for hard color changing effects which make lots of my stuff very red or very green..(even with adjusting tool). would love to be able to do dreamier brighter photos without having to over brighten and ruin exposure.

  • Jessica

    Great. I pay for PicMonkey Pro and now I can’t even access the editor. I have Chrome and should not have to install a different browser to make my subscription work! You need to fix this ASAP. Grrrrr!

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hey Jessica,

      Yikes! PicMonkey should be running tip top on Chrome. So, if you email info@picmonkey.com we can help you out.

  • Wyatt

    Since the updates, I can’t access the collage and have to DIG to get to the basic editor. I’m using Google Chrome, What am I missing ? I’ve sent several emals, but no response. LOVE Picmonkey, but it looks to hire me to place your employees first, so your employees will then place the customer first. Meant with a sincere heart :) What do I do? please help ~

  • Joy Del Gaizo

    I have seen a number of different requests for information about why there is no menu options in Chrome? It does not work and I can’t get to an editor option at all. When I go into Explorer the menu is there. What is the problem with this not working in Chrome? I have heard about clearing cache, blah blah blah, but there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to your home page and Chrome. Is there a direct web page that I can type in to get to the editor since I can’t get there from your home page? Thank you.