Video Tutorial: Mirror Effect

Mirror effect photos are all over the internet, so you’re poised to be Captain Cool with your take on this trend. The mirror effect is a unique way to turn an ordinary photo into something that really stands...

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Video Tutorial: The Next-Level Touch Up Effects

In the first installment of our Touch Up series, we covered complexion tools. The second video was all about eyes, the most important part of any portrait. Now, we’re taking it to the next level...

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Tutorial: Retouch Photos with the Eye Effects

The eyes, a.k.a. the windows to your soul, are the most important part of any portrait. But sometimes they’re caught in a blink, a cross, an “uuuhhhhhhhh what?” moment that betrays your typical beauty. Which is...

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Watch the first of PicMonkey's tutorials on how to touch up a photo.

Tutorial: Basic Photo Retouching

The camera won’t always capture your greatness. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s bad lighting or just a moment caught off guard, you don’t have to surrender your photo to the unforgiving snap...

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5 Photo Editing Best Practices

You want fast? You want easy? That’s what we deliver. These five basic photo editing best practices will give your photos enough impact to make asteroids jealous. 1. Resize for intended use Images should be...

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Watch PicMonkey's tutorial on how to make a double exposure.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Double Exposure

As an analogue technique, the double exposure effect has been around for a while. Fortunately for your eyeballs, the proliferation of digital photography has made double exposures more popular than ever. What’s double...

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PicMonkey's social media tips and tutorials.

Social Media Tips and Tutorials

Who would’ve thought that a #cool #teen posting a #swag #selfie and a Super Serious Suit Man™ with an MBA would use the same platform to make their lives better? Social media is weird....

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From PicMonkey's series on black and white effects.

Mini-Video Tutorial: Black & White Effects

Nothing’s as simple as black and white, not even black and white. PicMonkey has over nine unique ways to get the timeless, dramatic, beautiful black and white look. In this series, we’re profiling...

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Get to know the PicMonkey eyedropper tool with this quick tutorial.

Video: Pick Any Color with the Eyedropper Tool

Hey. Got less than a minute to spare? Of course you do, and that’s perfect, because this guide to the eyedropper tool clocks in at 25 seconds. The eyedropper tool lets you pick any color from...

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Turn a photo into an illustration with PicMonkey!

Tutorial: Turn a Photo into an Illustration

PicMonkey can’t spread its superpowers (but believe us, we’re drinking enough radioactive goo), so we’ve tried our hardest to put you and your images in the realm of the unreal. We’re talking about how...

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Tutorial: Make a Text Mask

Because there’s always a new text and image combination, and because life’s too short for boring photos, we did this. You’ve probably heard it described several ways: Make an image come through text. Clipping...

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PicMonkey's dodge and burn tutorial.

Video Tutorial: Dodge and Burn

Take complete control of your lighting with Dodge and Burn. Harness the power of the sun with Dodge, a tool that creates light so wonderfully precise that it’d have Prometheus all like, “Say whaaat?!”...

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Fix bad photos with PicMonkey.

Video Tutorial: Rescue Throwaway Photos

Hey, you! Yeah, you, trashing dozens of pics in the pursuit of your masterpiece. Before you overflow the digital garbage can, consider using PicMonkey to fix bad photos. Photographer Beryl Ayn Young is here with some super...

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The Graphics Fairy's PicMonkey tutorial.

Blast from the Past with Vintage Graphics

Karen and Emily from The Graphics Fairy have bestowed upon us this incomparable guide to vintage graphics for your pictures and digital scrapbooking projects. Create your canvas to play along at home, PicMonkeyers! Note: We’ll...

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graphic patterns available in Collage swatches

Video Tutorial: Swatches’ Graphic Patterns

Collage swatches are a visual workhorse that can anchor your design with bright graphic patterns. Learn ’em up in this Valentines treat bag video tutorial. Tip: don’t forget that you can create a...

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Make Your Own Gift Tags

Tutorial: DIY Gift Tags

You’re no schmoe! You’re not even a semi-schmoe. So don’t use those off-the-shelf gift tags with the impersonal, same-same images and uggers fonts. You’ve got good taste, a boatload of awesome photos, and your...

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