All-new Crazy Goodness! Seriously? Yes!

We’ve got big news: PicMonkey’s going artisanal! That’s right folks, we’re getting on board with the locally sourced, hand-crafted movement with a bottom up overhaul of everything we do. All-new engineering methods for us, all-new looks for your photographs, and a whole lot of goodness for the world.

Learn more in our one-minute video announcement. And plotz.


  • Dawn

    Nice April Fool Pic Monkey!

  • Judy Streicher

    hmmmm….seriously? What is today’s date again? :-)

  • EponaSpirit

    Just brilliant <3

  • Sylvie Damey

    Love the feeling … those precious few seconds when you think “what the hell” ?!! and then.. oh yeah, April 1st !! Nice job, thanks for the laugh 😀

  • raveredux

    Very funny!

  • daryledelstein

    snort snicker and bravo!

  • dianecayton

    Love your sense of humor Pic.

  • Vintage Queen

    i cant live & work without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!greetings from the home of burlesque germany
    pin up & burlsque photografie

  • Bear Creek Quilting Company

    Very funny! Thanks for the April 1st giggles! ~Shari

  • Angeline M

    How do I get the stone tablet and chisel thing though my PC? I want to do that too. Is that one of those darn things that has a crown on it so I can’t use it unless I cough up the $$?
    Ha ha, PM….I do love you, even on April 1st.

  • Helena White

    LOL! Happy April Fools!!!!! Luv U Guys xoxxoo

  • SugarNSpiceLily

    I was so confused, but then I was thinking ‘that was just too funny!’

  • Liz + Kristen

    You guys are the best.

  • Miss Kitty

    Hahahah….got me!!!

  • Ms. Robin

    LOVE this company!! You got me! Happy April fools …

  • Martina

    yeah! I go with you, love artisanal

  • Morag Bates

    Happy April 1st to the Team

  • Julie

    Good one……………..

  • Diana

    That was great! I thought I was too dense to figure out what you were up to…then realized I was too dense to realize it was April 1! Need coffee!!

  • Sarah J. Darlow-Parker

    Haha! Love this 😉

  • PicMonkey

    Cheers to the early joke-getters. Thanks for laughing with us!

  • Acheron Apostolos-Parthenopaeus

    Too damn funny

  • Trish Hamme

    Very Clever ! Loved it :) Happy April Fool’s Day !

  • Kelly Fuselier Thompson

    love it!- sounds like martha stewarts younger sister as the narrator!

  • Donaven

    Hilarious! Well done monkeys! 😀

  • DebR

    Hilarious! Happy April Fool’s Day PicMonkey 😀

  • Cat

    I’m so tired it took me a few seconds. Very funny and well done, happy April’s Fool Day!

  • mary linda heckner

    I believed it!…..April fools!

  • Mabel Amber

    Almost fooled me – Great Gag for the Monkey Folks, lol!

  • Sherry

    Oh I get it. Really i forgot it was April Fools today!

  • linkenlodge

    you guys /gals are crazy in the best sort of way!!
    I am still seriously waiting for the radiance tool to get a ‘paint it in’ button, so I can add touches of it..It’s like one of my favourite items!!

  • Lara/Trace

    tee hee

  • Marinka Spanjer

    It’s my birthday today! You don’t fool me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessie Clemence

    You people are nuts. I love that.

  • Jeanette Schwartzer

    You know, what goes around, comes around…. 😉
    Happy April Fools Day to all the people at PicMonkey

  • racheous

    Bahahah! Brilliant! It’s April 2nd here so I got mighty confused.

  • smallestforest

    I just saw a whole string of videos like this in the past few days, the whole artisanal hoo-ha, on The Selby, of which you’ve just taken the piss, perfectly…intentionally or not. :)

  • Terry Tyson (@terrytyson)

    Time for the Pic Monkeys to get an Etsy account. Well done.

  • My Odd Family

    Well done. You got me.

  • Doug Cook

    This is awesome, really well done. Love the bandages on the fingers :)

  • Anna Larson

    No fair, I got all excited for nothing :)

  • Barbara

    Yesterday’s future today. So very yes. :) Good joke, guys!

  • Gayle

    I nearly peed myself. Nice one!

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  • ruthierader

    I am late but I am here for you, my love. I always will be. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug…come here and get your best banana massage, you little primate rascal, you! 😀

  • Alicia

    You bunch ‘o crazies – Love it!

  • WandaD


  • WandaD

    Seriously though- I would love to see one of the features that I loved about Picnik brought to Picmonkey. I loved the frames- the decorative ones-

  • tara linda

    Hmmm. Kinda weird, but fun. Keep working on it! 😉

  • Lynn Clark

    I would rather you actually be adding new things to Picmonkey then making funny YouTube Videos! Sorry it’s not that i don’t have a sense of humor. I just have stuff to do and need more resources!

  • swo8

    Just love it. Was it April Fools or not?

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  • Chyrle McKenzie

    I came in on this 10 days too late so I was a little confused at first, but it’s still hilarious. Good one!

  • bren yule

    Use my pikmonkey tools daily!

  • thegrrrumble

    I LOVE it!

  • Barry Bridges

    Now all you have to do is get your website working :) 4/18/14 Nothing happens when I click on the edit picture tab. Tried for 3 different browsers. ??

  • Miss.Anonymous

    I wanna a mobile version for Picmonkey, maybe a app or anything.
    Fast please
    I really need a mobile monkey

    • PicMonkey

      Hang in there Miss.Anonymous! :) We are working on it!

  • http://Esperanza Kirsi

    Es muy buena

  • haley

    I want more football themed stuff!!=]

  • PicMonkey

    Haley! Thanks for the feedback!

  • mary

    Ilove you

  • Norma

    Ers lo mejor monkey

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