• http://www.adamesgifts.com Debbie Adame

    Fantastic! I have been using PicMonkey for a few years and totally love it! I am glad to see it expand into the small business realm and I will definitely be exploring the new tools for my small business. Thank you!

  • http://gklia giuliana

    Es como un hada

  • http://myan2009 milagros diestra


  • http://myan2009 milagros diestra

    Ya qiero q me acepten

  • dilshan

    i like it

  • Jill

    Friends who went to college to take classes on Photoshop were shocked when I showed them Picmonkey. they said this is everything they learned to do in Photoshop & so much easier. They put out 100.00’s of dollars for classes but they changed to this editing system. Thank you Picmonkey for being affordable & amazing. Something ya don’t find very often. Keep up the great work.

    • http://www.moxxeemedia.com H

      total agreed. I have love hate relationship with PM.. As a professional designer I know Im losing business. but it also saves me time when quick and templated is all I need. Its a lot of fun. But take care to still be unique in your brand and designs… there are MANY reasons for this..and more coming with new technology like augmented reality/interactive print.

  • Jasmine

    what size pixels if i want to do a business cards? please answer me please

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      You’ll have to get that info from your printing shop.

  • angel

    is there a feature to curve or waive the font/letters?