Video Tutorial: DIY Wedding Save the Dates

DIY wedding-ers, rejoice! This tutorial gives step-by-step directions for making your own save the dates and other wedding communications. Now who’s got the mad skills? You.



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  • Happy Homemaker UK

    Learned something new – didn’t know about your ‘color picker’ or ‘image merge’ features. Great additions!

  • Sanne

    I know a much shorter/faster way to add different kind of tekst into the inventation…the film is to long..

  • Julie Forman

    How do you select the text box so easily when it is sitting on top of the label overlay? I always try to select just the text and it keeps selecting the overlay. I have to do it over and over until I get it right. Also your cursor is way different from mine. I don’t have that black box.

  • PicMonkey

    Hi Julie! To make it easier to select the Text on top of an Overlay, it is best to ‘Merge’ the Overlay to the background before adding Text. You can find the Merge button at the top of the Editor page, in between the arrow buttons and the gear icon.

  • Michelle Fougerousse

    Where is the best place to have these printed off after you create them? Thanks!

    • BunnyBabyBoo

      walmart or use photo paper on your printer

  • kathy

    I have recently discovered Pic monkey and I LOVE it, LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I have one thing that i used to be able to do with photoshop (i dumped photoshop) that i cant do here..

    Say for example you have a patterned file, and i want to overlay text on to it, but want the text to “become” the pattern, rather than the text becoming a solid colour, how do i do that?


    i hope you know what i mean

    in photoshop you would select the text with the wand and then “delete” the background and you woudl be left with patterned lettering