Tutorial: Day of the Dead

Tutorial: Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead begins November 1. Honor the souls of the departed with a beautiful skull mask on your photo subject or profile pic. Learn how by opening your photo in the Editor and following our easy step-by-step guide.

Bone Color

Choose white for your basic skull bones. After Painting it on use the eraser to remove errant strokes. Click “Apply.”

Add a black or bright color around the eyes. Paint so that it fills the interior of the eye socket designs you’ll add later. Adjust the fade and click “Apply.”

Create a sculpted, skeletal look by using black to darken the area under the cheekbones and lips

Eye Sockets

Position your eye socket over your subjects eye. If it’s a solid shape, erase to see eyes. Right click, duplicate and flip horizontally to make a matching eye socket.

Tip: Use Corpse Eyes or Evil Eyes to make your eyes undead looking.

Nose Holes

Skull nose holes look best if they cover the nostrils of  your subject.

Tip: You may need to rotate the nose holes to match the angle of the skull head.

Skull Teeth

Place the skull teeth over your subject’s lips. Play with the size of the image; sometimes a bigger mouth is more dramatic.

Tip: To change the aspect ratio, hold down the shift key on your keyboard while you move the resize handles.


Your skull isn’t festive until it’s embellished! Go for symmetry: if you place a design on one side of the face, right-click, duplicate, and flip it horizontally to make an exact copy for the other side.

Tip: Use Overlays such as Geometric, Hearts and Stars to add more detail.

Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls work as lively decorative elements, but can also be placed over faces for one-click Day of the Dead costume transformation.


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