Sweethearts, You’re My Valentine!

Sweethearts, You’re My Valentine!

four_effects_of_SweetheartsWe’ve gone and done it. Shot an arrow through the heart of every cutie-patootie feature you’ve ever dreamed of, so you can fall in love with Valentine’s Day all over again. “Sweethearts,” our Valentine’s Day theme, is loaded with beautimosity.

Here are all the goodies you’ll find in the Editor:

Effects: Bokeh Hearts, Hand Tint, Ombre Amour, Desire, Rapture

Frames: Heart Cutouts

Sweet Nothings fonts: Animatic Small Caps, Sacramento, Unkempt, Scripting Pro

Overlays: Hearts, Doodly Hearts, Doily Hearts, Banners, Ribbons, Labels, Vintage Blossoms, Roses, Cupidity, Lips (We have a tutorial on using the two-color ones.)

That’s not all, lovahs. If you walk on over to make a Collage, our Swatches tab offers up a bunch of patterned and solid colors which you can use to fill cells, and then drop text and overlays on top (in the Editor, after you save the collage). There are nine pinky-red swatches to make your Valentine’s images swoon.

screen shot showing where Swatches tab is, and how to get other groups of swatches

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