Sweethearts, You’re My Valentine!

four_effects_of_SweetheartsWe’ve gone and done it. Shot an arrow through the heart of every cutie-patootie feature you’ve ever dreamed of, so you can fall in love with Valentine’s Day all over again. “Sweethearts,” our Valentine’s Day theme, is loaded with beautimosity.

Here are all the goodies you’ll find in the Editor:

Effects: Bokeh Hearts, Hand Tint, Ombre Amour, Desire, Rapture

Frames: Heart Cutouts

Sweet Nothings fonts: Animatic Small Caps, Sacramento, Unkempt, Scripting Pro

Overlays: Hearts, Doodly Hearts, Doily Hearts, Banners, Ribbons, Labels, Vintage Blossoms, Roses, Cupidity, Lips (We have a tutorial on using the two-color ones.)

That’s not all, lovahs. If you walk on over to make a Collage, our Swatches tab offers up a bunch of patterned and solid colors which you can use to fill cells, and then drop text and overlays on top (in the Editor, after you save the collage). There are nine pinky-red swatches to make your Valentine’s images swoon.

screen shot showing where Swatches tab is, and how to get other groups of swatches

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  • http://thelaotiancommotion.com Theek, the Laotian Commotion

    Will these features go away after Valentine’s Day or will they be a Royale Feature? I love the ‘Heart Cutouts’ option!

    • Cindy

      I think it’ll stay around, the ones from Christmas and Halloween are still available. I think it stays the way it is right now.

      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        Cindy’s got it right. Once we launch a theme, we keep it up forevs. Thx for chiming in, Cindy!

  • http://twitter.com/SassyMomChicago Alison R (@SassyMomChicago)

    If you upgrade are there more swatches available? Do you have a list of what’s included in upgrading specifically?

  • http://submarinesandsewingmachines.blogspot.nl gemma

    I really like the new valentines fonts. and I made a tutorial about levitation photography on picmonkey here’s the link:
    I would love it if you’d take a look
    I love picmonkey

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Gemma, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for sending it along. You definitely have a great eye and your levitation photography came out beautifully. Stay with us; PicMonkey’s got more in store for ya!

  • michelle

    Will you be adding a St. Patrick’s Day theme?? Thanks!!

    • Heather

      I was wondering the same thing~

    • http://femmefitaleblog.com DSTPRL

      I am trying to figure out how to USE swatches. Every time I drag and drop it covers over the photo. What I am really trying to do is provide my background with some nice texture.

      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        Hey there. The swatches are made just for filling cells with, and most people then save the collage and then open the whole thing again in the editor and drop text on top of the colored cell. The swatches aren’t really made to be backgrounds.

        The backgrounds tab is the bottom icon on the far left; the icon looks like a painter’s palette. You can use the eyedropper to match any color in a photo or swatch in your collage.

        • http://femmefitaleblog.com DSTPRL

          Thank you this is very helpful. I was hoping to be able to create a patterned background for my collage. Have a great day and thanks for responding.

    • Marie

      Why is hand tint gone? I used it all the time…… :-(

      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        Hi Marie. Adobe made some changes to Flash, which caused crashes with this particular effect. So we’ve removed it until Adobe fixes the bug or we discover a workaround. Sorry!

  • christian

    i love the rapture effect so badly it’s a perfect effect but i can’t use it because it’s premium how can i get such effect for free please tell me :) i want it so badly!. thanks :)

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  • Sally

    I have a question, suppose i clone a small dog, how can i make the dog bigger (enlarge)? is there anyway how to do enlargement with the pic i copy or clone? Thanks.

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      If you are adding the image of the dog to another image or a blank canvas as Your Own Overlay, you can adjust the size of your dog image that way then do the cloning. Is this what you’re looking for?