Tutorial: Using Two-Color Overlays

There’s an episode of the old “Star Trek”—the one with Captain James T. Kirk—in which adorable, furry little animals called “Tribbles” come on board the ship, and reproduce crazy-fast. Oh, the merry mix-ups when Jimbo discovers them in the heating ducts!

Our two-color photo overlays are kinda like Tribbles: they’re uber-cute and can multiply in all kinds of combinations. Here’s how to get the most out of them. (Don’t forget to upload an image in PicMonkey to follow us step by step!)

screen shot of overlay palette

When you load an overlay onto your image, a palette shows up next to the overlay. If the palette shows “Color 1″ and “Color 2,” you’ve got yourself a two-color overlay. Click inside the colored box next to either Color 1 or Color 2, and a picker will appear. Here’s where the fun comes in. Change the default colors if you like, either by selecting one from the grid, or by using the eye dropper tool to match a color in your image.

collage made with the same heart overlay, three ways (both colors, just color 1, and just color 2)

The heart on the left, above, uses the two-color default of the heart overlay. To create the middle heart, use the eyedropper tool to match Color 2 to Color 1: your overlay becomes a silhouette of the outer edge of the design. To show only Color 1 of the overlay, click the “Transparent” box for Color 2, and you’ll get the heart on the right.

A Sweethearts ribbon three ways: both colors, just color 1 and just color 2

Sweethearts’ ribbons are all two-color, and just like the heart overlays, you can choose whether you’ll use both colors, Color 1, or Color 2. Three totally different looks for the same overlay. All the Royale Labels are two-color; all Doodly Hearts, Doily Hearts, and some Cupidity cupids and arrows are too.

collage with three double layered heart overlays

And, as the Tribbles would attest, there’s nothing wrong with doubling up! You can have fun with layering two overlays on top of each other. Look for more heartfelt examples to inspire you and your Valentine on our Pinterest Sweethearts board.



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      • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

        Back atcha! xox.

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  • http://shostablog.wordpress.com DuraLex

    I think the service is worth it to pay for it. Dear PicMonkey! Let joy us new filters, effects, and design elements. Thank you!

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    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      If you want your text stand out against the background better, the best thing to do is to duplicate the text, move it back, which creates a kind of drop shadow (you can see it in this tutorial, which, admittedly has a totally different goal than yours but still — http://www.flickr.com/groups/picmonkey/discuss/72157629641031228/)

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    I have the same question as Sweets On “How do you get the words to fit in the banners that are not straight across? Like in the example above.” How do you curve your words to the direction/angle that you want? Please help. Thank you

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    Suddenly I mis the Hand Tint in Sweethearts. Did you remove that? I am disappointed because I used it often.

    • http://PicMonkey.com PicMonkey

      Hi, sorry we did have to remove it because of some changes that Adobe made to Flash, which caused PM to crash in the middle of this effect. Sorry!

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  • samantha oc

    Is there anyway to make an overlay (such as one of the water overlays) be the color OF the font?? So I would just have words but an overlay is the pattern/font color??