Make a Holiday Photo Card

Tis the season for getting in touch with your peeps! Whether they live far away and you may not see them for another three years, or they live down the street and you’ll bump into them on the way to the mailbox, a holiday card is a convenient excuse to remind friends and family that they’re important to you. Give your card some holiday flare by applying effects, using overlays, and adding your own personalized message. Open up the Editor to play along at home. And go a little wacky!

Easy peasy

Image of card for our holiday cards article using Holiday Cutouts and Season's Messages

Don’t have a lot of time to make a card this year? This one takes advantage of the clickety-fast design options provided by a Holiday Cutouts frame and Season’s Messages, in the SantaLand theme. Make sure your subject has enough room around the edges for a message once the cutout frame is applied.

Tip: If your photo subject fills too much of the frame and you don’t have room around the edges, start with a blank canvas (click “Design” on the home page), and add your photo as an overlay (click “Your Own” in the Overlays tab). Make your photo smaller using the circular resize handles and place it where you’d like the cutout to appear. Merge the photo overlay with the canvas (click Merge icon on the top toolbar). NOW you can apply the Holiday Cutouts frame and there’s room for text around the edges.

Bing Crosby-approved

image of holiday card using Snowfall effect

If you wish your winter was a wonderland, the Snowfall effect in the Winterland theme blankets any scene in snowy magic. The Ornament overlays are from the SantaLand theme and the graphic snowflakes are found in Flakery, in Winterland. We used Playfair and Geo Sans Light fonts from the SantaLand theme for the message text.

Tip: To create an ornament string, click Geometric, in Overlays, and place a verrrry, very skinny rectangle next to the ornament.

Framed again

image of holiday card using Polaroid Frame and a personalized message

This card sets off the photo with a great Polaroid Frame (Frames tab), and nestles that within a festive Holiday Cutouts swatch. The Holiday Cutouts frames (SantaLand theme) come with a variety of swatches like the green sparkly one you see here, as well as color picker for a plain background.

Tip: To get the Polaroid-framed photo to appear over the sparkly swatch, start with a blank canvas (click the “Design” button on the home page), and apply a Holiday Cutouts frame. Then add the Polaroid shot as an overlay with the “Your Own” button in the Overlays tab.

(Watch Jenn make this card in video tutorial here.)

Overlays gone large

Image of holiday card using enlarged overlays

Why use overlays at small sizes when you could go big? On this card we started with a blank canvas and supersized Garniture overlays in the Winterland theme. The huge-ified ornament is from the SantaLand theme, and the photo is added as an overlay.

When you’re done, you can print your card at your favorite print shop, or be a digital pioneer and email them. You can’t say your grandma doesn’t have email, these days!

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  • Kerri Chaney

    WHere can I get my holiday cards printed once I create it in PicMonkey?

    • PicMonkey

      Your corner print shop or Costco or FedEx/Kinko’s. These are all good options.

  • DeShea Brooks

    I have a question..when I had a frame or border to my picture it immediately becomes blurry. The file is large so I don’t know what to do to keep the integrity of the image when adding borders, icons,etc.. Thanks!

    • PicMonkey

      Sounds like you should start by resizing your image so it’s not so big.

  • Tracy Bermeo

    I have the same question as Kerri- where can I print and get envelopes??? I’m almost done with my merry merry creation.

    • PicMonkey

      Any corner print shop or big box store like Costco. Also FedEx/Kinko’s.

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  • stefanie0076stefanie

    HI, I have 4 x 5.5 cards that fold and I don’t know how to make them so they print correctly. Measurements or how do I make it?

  • lucindA

    I have just hooked up with you guys and am an illustrator. Do you also offer option of printing cards in bulk?