Cute Overload: We Know You Can Handle It!

If you’ve got a need for cuteness, PicMonkey’s got stickers galore to blast you into the adorb-o-sphere. Just plop these overlays on top of your photo, your collage, or your blank canvas and customize ’til the animals come home. Open up the Editor to play along!

Give a go with ridiculously cute chick ‘n eggs,

graphic showing Chicks 'n Eggs overlays

or Cutimals for springtime baby animals,

graphic showing Cutimals overlays

or happy Buggles.

graphic showing Buggles overlays

And if you do get a case of cute overload, you can just cruise on over to the scary stuff of Vampires or Demons. Or bounce back and forth ’til you purge all emotions. Whee! Aaagh! Ommmm.

Tutorials to get you started:

Tutorials to take you further:

  • minxs lipstick stained cigarette

    Just in time for my easter/spring postacards to be sent out!

  • rjbailey

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  • maria eugenia


    • E

      I heartily agree Nannette!!

  • Nannette and The Sweetheart

    From one of your biggest fans…Thank you for the “Easter” cuties…we are OVERLOADED with the demon side on PicMonkey for sure. With Vampires, Zombies, Day of the Dead, Witches, Demons, Trick or Treat, it seems a little much! Six “categories” for this? The effects and “techy” things you can do in those sections are unreal! Nothing like that on the normal categories. In my little kid’s voice…”How come?”

    Nothing about the real Easter. Boo. Would love to have had a cross, purple sash, crown of thorns, or even palm branches…or am I missing these somewhere?

    Believe me, I sing your praises!! But came back again today looking for something for Holy Week…realize you cannot make everyone happy but I believe you have the zombie crowd covered :)

  • Samantha Ford

    We need a category for Easter and Birthdays instead of Christmas and Zombies and Halloween. You should change that category until its closer for those holidays

  • mamta tamang

    wow soooo cute.

  • http://picmonkey aron valencia

    Esta chido