Cute Overload: We Know You Can Handle It!

Pastel flowers, fat bumblebees, baby animals … spring is just bursting with cuteness! Sometimes you gotta look beyond complicated stuff and give in to fluffy, puffy, round and bright. We have a bevy of overlays for you to add a tickle of adorable here and a sprinkle of lovable there.

Give a go with ridiculously cute chick ‘n eggs,

graphic showing Chicks 'n Eggs overlays

or Cutimals for springtime baby animals,

graphic showing Cutimals overlays

or happy Buggles.

graphic showing Buggles overlays

And if you do get a case of cute overload, you can just cruise on over to the scary stuff of Vampires or Demons. Or bounce back and forth ’til you purge all emotions. Whee! Aaagh! Ommmm.

Tutorial goodness you might like while you’re overlaying:

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