PicMonkeySmarts Pinterest Contest

Great news, pinners: we’re doing a back to school contest. Enter your board of resources, activities, and other fun school stuff for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card. If you...

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cover image for PicMonkey's photographic survey article

Gender Shmender: Photography Survey Tells All

Nobody wants to be a stereotype. No one describes herself as a typical rich snob, or your average absent-minded professor. But gender stereotyping may be more deeply ingrained. Time to check your assumptions: PicMonkey’s...

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Read the winning essay for the 2015 PicMonkey scholarship.

Meet Our 2015 PicMonkey Scholarship Winner

PicMonkey is thrilled to announce our 2015 college scholarship winner: Brenda Wu! We asked high school seniors to tell us what inspires them to photograph and what those photos mean to them. The response was...

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PicMonkey survey finds that photo editing is good for you.

Why Photo Editing is Good for You

Last year, we did a survey on all things selfie and got some interesting results. Last month, we did another survey. We polled over 2,000 people from all over the world on how...

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Leaked PicMonkey love letter.

Leaked PicMonkey Love Letter

[Ed. note: *swoon*] My beloved PicMonkey, Must we keep this wretched secret? It has been scarcely a fortnight since our dinner at the harbor, and already I find my very soul aflutter with...

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PIcMonkey Pin Your Love. Enter to win 300 Amazon bucks

PicMonkey Pin Your Love

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in our Pin Your Love contest on Pinterest. We’re pleased to announce that Kellie@Southernsashay takes the grand prize of a $300 Amazon gift card and a free year...

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PicMonkey's New Year's Resolutions

We Can’t Even 2015

Wow, can’t believe it’s almost 2015. It feels like only yesterday we were starting 2014. And it feels like only the day before yesterday we were being born. What is time but an...

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Give PicMonkey as a gift.

Give the Gift of Invention

What a world—we send robots to Mars, owls can swim, and anyone can surprise their loved ones with the gift of PicMonkey! All you need to do is: • Purchase a PicMonkey Royale...

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PicMonkey's new Comic Heroes theme.

New Comic Heroes Theme to the Rescue!

From the ashes of the ordinary, PicMonkey’s new Comic Heroes theme rose to glory. For eons, scientists have sought the true source of Comic Heroes’ abilities. Was it a bug bite? Radiation? Genes of...

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PicMonkey's #FrankenPet Halloween Contest

FrankenPet Halloween Contest

  Update 11/5/2014  Together, with Rover, we’re excited to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween photo contest #FrankenPet! Thanks to all who participated! Without further ado: Creepy Canines   Scaredy Cats  ...

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photo of our spokesmonkey for Simian video article

Meet Our New Spokesmonkey: Simián!

He puts the “some” in “handsome;” he puts the “brow” in “highbrow” and the “gnif“ in “magnificent.” And he’s here to share his magic with you. PicMonkey has teamed with Simián, one of...

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cloud wallpaper for picmonkey and onedrive

Ahead, in the Cloud

Got your head in the clouds? Good. So do we, with our new Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage options. In addition to Facebook, Dropbox, and Flickr, now you can pull your pics right from...

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PicMonkey's Google Plus tips.

Google Plus Tips for Bemused Brands

With so many social networking platforms and all the complications of managing a tailored social presence on each one, you may wonder: Do I really need to start from scratch building a new...

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graphic of geometric shape outlines

Video Tutorial: Shape Outlines

Here’s how it works at PicMonkey: you ask, we deliver. You want shape outlines for your geometric overlays? You got shape outlines for your geometric overlays, plus more color options. Check your struggles...

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Big Thoughts for Small Business

Small business owners use PicMonkey on the daily. You’re editing images for websites and creating visual graphics for social media channels and blogs. So here we are again, talking to you, boss! We recently...

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Read the winning essay for the 2015 PicMonkey scholarship.

Meet Our 2014 PicMonkey College Scholarship Winner

Last November PicMonkey launched our PicMonkey college scholarship contest, in which we asked high school seniors to tell us what moves them to take photos and what those photos mean to them. We...

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