Breaking Vlad: A Vampire Tutorial

Breaking Vlad: A Vampire Tutorial

We know that you’ve held your dark passenger at bay. You yearn to transform your photo to show the vampire that lurks within you! But maybe you’re worried that you’ll never return to your regular self. Or maybe it’s just that you could use a few tips. We are here for you, creatures! We are here with tips galore for mastering our vampire effects.

Alter the skin

images of Alabaster Skin being applied to photo subject using our vampire photo editor.

Alabaster Skin

Skin effects like these works best on a subject shot fairly close-up. After applying your skin effect, adjust the “Fade” slider to choose the right intensity. Use the eraser to remove errant strokes. Select “Hungry” for extra glow, or “Fed” for a more chill demeanor.

Dial up the eye color

image of Evil Eye Color being applied to photo subject

Evil Eye Color

Zoom in on the eyes in your photo. Before you add the soul-withering color, resize the brush to match the iris size in your photo.

Use Eraser to erase dabs of eye color that bled over onto the eyelid. Reduce “Eraser hardness” to get softer edges. Experiment with the “Fade” and “Contrast” sliders to adjust realism and intensity. For an extra pop, use “Eye Bright” in Touch Up together with this effect.

Compound the pressure

image of Veins being applied to photo subject


If you need mondo veinage, move the “Branches” slider to split off more ends from each root. Experiment with the “Thickness” and “Fade” sliders to get realistic, right-sized veins. Eyes can be vein-y, too!

Let the blood flow

Image of Blood Drops effect being applied to photo subject

Blood Drops

Vampires could really use a lobster bib, but nobody seems to have one on hand before they get bitten! Give the gore with blood teeming over the bottom lip or drizzling out of the corners of the mouth. Make the blood overlap the teeth a bit and then use the eraser to erase out to the gum line. Choose the smaller blood drops to place around the face and clothes. Use horizontal flip, vertical flip, and erase to randomize the splatters.

Set the scene

Image of Night Frights effect being applied to photo subject

Night Frights

Spookify your background! After applying the texture effect, use the paintbrush to brush the texture off your subject and other objects in the foreground. Then adjust the fade.

You can also apply textures to skin, giving it a crackled or vein-y look. After applying the effect, use the paintbrush to brush the texture off your background. Then adjust the fade.

Amplify the mood

Image of horror movie poster effects applied to photo subject

Nosferatu Dawn (left) and Lugosi Burnish (right)

Dig these vivid horror movie poster effects! Be sure to merge any overlays to your background before you apply it; click the merge button on the top toolbar. Try increasing the blacks for a more dramatic look with Nosferatu Dawn. Lugosi Burnish works best with an image that has good contrast between light and dark.

There you have it, Vlads and Vladettes. Now get down with your bad self!

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