$1,000 PicMonkey College Scholarship

October 29, 2014

PicMonkey’s all about making software do your bidding; how about letting it pay your bills? Announcing the second annual PicMonkey College Scholarship competition. Take our survey and write a 400-500 word essay for your chance to win $1,000! Your entry just might win you $1,000 to help out with your college costs.

How to enter:

  • Take our survey at Survey Monkey.
  • Then, answer one of our two questions in 400-500 words.
  • Email your response to media@picmonkey.com. The title of your email should be “PicMonkey Scholarship.”
  • If your essay is an attachment, make the file name your full name-PicMonkey-Scholarship. (Example: George-Washington-PicMonkey-Scholarship)
  • Submit by May 31, 2015.

In 400-500 words answer one of the following questions:

  • Aww, man! You just HAD to be there! Tell us about a favorite photo and the story behind it. Why is it memorable? What did it capture? (Remember: we can’t see that photo, so make it come alive with your words.)
  • Share a moment you wish you had a photograph to remember. What would that picture have captured? Take us back through time and frame it for us.

To be eligible:

  • You need to be a resident of the United States or Canada.
  • You must be a graduating high school senior or a freshman in college. We reserve the right to verify date of high school graduation and/or college enrollment.
  • You can’t be related to anyone on the PicMonkey staff.

We will choose and notify our winner by June 30, 2015, and we’ll mail him or her a $1,000 check.

Check out last year’s winning essay, by Liam McGill.




  • Elizabeth Thompson

    You know, college sophomores, juniors and seniors need scholarships, too. Just sayin’. 😉

    • rebecca

      Yes I agree. Just because we have been in college for a year or two, doesn’t mean we still have to pay for god awful expensive books.

  • Randi C

    To be eligible do you have to graduate in the year 2014? or are people that will graduate in 2015 eligible also? and if students graduating 2015 are not eligible will this opprotunity be available next year?

  • http://mornpendaily.blogspot.com.au/ Gemma Wiseman

    People outside the US would love to be part of such a competition too.
    There are heaps of us PicMonkey-ites.

  • sarahsboutique1@hotmail.com

    how to contact ? i have a question about a font you no longer have. it was used to create a logo please help

  • Jenny

    Man, I wish I were a senior this year…this is totally my type of scholarship! This should be an annual thing…hint hint…

  • Marissa Thomason

    so sophomores in highschool can’t submit?

    • http://www.picmonkey.com PicMonkey

      Correct, Marissa. Sorry.

  • http://twitter.com/tester_eric Tester (@tester_eric)

    This is a great idea.

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  • Marisa

    I graduated in 2013 and took a gap year, and I am attending college this fall. Am I eligible?

  • Valentina

    Can you submit more than once? The rules don’t touch on this.

  • Vanessa Shekleton

    How do I do the essay? Just email you?