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Whether a big-something-oh is coming up, or you just wanna party like it’s your birthday, net some social butterflies using our invitation templates.

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Invitation Templates

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Invites that Delight

When you think about it, invitations set the tone for your party before anyone even gets to the door. Whether the vibe you’re aiming for is boisterous and untamed or elegant and demure, we give you all the tools you need to strike the right tone.

Make hilarious, surprising, beautiful, or sweet invitations for all of your special occasions by taking full advantage of our collection of designer-crafted invitations. Change text, find your perfect font, add your own images, find the design that’s calling your name.

These templates will get you started, but it’s the unique personality and flavor you bring to each one that will truly set them apart.


This clever card strikes a winning balance between sophistication and facial hair puns. The white background and black lettering provide a restrained contrast to the overt silliness of such a large set of whiskers. Your guests won’t be disappointed by the promise of such a memorable soiree.