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It’s easy to create a unified look for your event with PicMonkey’s Facebook page cover templates. Just add details!
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Customizable Facebook Page Cover Templates

With around 2.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is one place you gotta be in the social world. And if you want to make an impression that shows how unique you or your organization is, you’re gonna have to do a bit of visual branding, starting with your cover. Let everyone know at one memorable glance who you are.

PicMonkey’s Facebook page cover templates will do just that. Choose one that has a look you like, add your own images, swap colors, drop in some descriptive text or a logo, and you’ve got an eye-grabbing cover that’s all your own. And, honest, it won’t take long to make.

So wuddya got? A personal page? A business page? A community page? We can help you out. Use our templates as-is or give them a tweak. You can get one up and running in minutes.

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