Holiday Card Templates

Express all the seasonal feels with PicMonkey’s customizable holiday card templates, and enjoy a winter made of #winning.

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Holiday Card Templates

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DIY Holiday Cards with PicMonkey

Whether you want to say “Happy Hannukah,” “Best wishes for the new year,” “Merry Christmas,” “Have a fun Festivus,” or you’re just sending well wishes while anxiously awaiting spring thaw, PicMonkey’s holiday card templates make it easy to say what you want to say, your way.

All of our templates are crafted by designers, so you know your card creation will look profesh. Take a spin through our plethora of templates and find one that exudes a holiday vibe you’re feelin’, then click to open it right in the Editor.

From there, you can access all of our high-octane-yet-ridiculously-user-friendly editing features. Making a holiday photo card? Add your pic to your chosen template on the quick, then beautify it with our photo effects and touch up tools. Looking to top off your design with a wintry graphic? Check out our collection, or bring your own to the card-making party. Swap out fonts, change up the color scheme, make small alterations to your template, or give it a total overhaul—you have the power (and the technology)! And if you need a little break from all that creativity, store your masterpiece in Hub and it’ll be waiting for you whenever you wanna come back to the design party.